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We meet approximately once every week during the Fall and Spring semesters to discuss the latest in computer music and sound synthesis. EMAIL LIST: If you would like to be added to our email list to be informed about future presentations, please send email to Zheng Jiang (username: zjiang1, domain:

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Wednesday, Jan 17, 3:00PM--4:00PM, GHC 7501

Topic: What I heard at the 2017 ICMC and ISMIR conference

Speaker: Roger Dannenberg

Wednesday, Jan 24, 3:30PM--4:30PM, GHC 7501

Topic: Generative Adversarial Networks on Music

Speaker: Anirudh Mani and Zheng Jiang

Wednesday, Jan 31, 3:30PM--4:30PM, GHC 7101

Topic: TBD

Speaker: Garrett Osborn

Wednesday, Feb 7, 3:30PM--4:30PM, GHC 7501

Topic: An Introduction to Distributed mode loudspeakers

Speaker: Nick Pourazima

Wednesday, Feb 14, 3:30PM--4:30PM, GHC 7501

Topic: Spherical Harmonic Models of Spatial Room Impulse Response

Speaker: Mingyuan Yu

Wednesday, Feb 21, 3:30PM--4:30PM, GHC 7501

Topic: A Predominant-F0 Estimation Algorithm that Helps to Solve Inharmonicity

Speaker: Yixuan Zhang

Wednesday, Feb 28, 3:30PM--4:30PM, GHC 7501

Topic: UGG: A Unit Generator Generator

Speaker: Roger B. Dannenberg



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