I am a Doctoral student in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at Carnegie Mellon University, where I have studied since (forever?) Fall of 2003.

My current research interests are in fast inference and robustness in large scale detection applications (think sensor networks) using ideas from information theory.

In the past I have worked in robust speech recognition, text-independent speaker identification, speech science, machine learning and auditory scene analysis as a member of the Robust Speech Group. I also did some work on target tracking with Ryan Kerekes and Iris recognition (the body part not the flower) with Ryan Kerekes and Jason Thronton.

I (am?) associated with CENSIR though this is new.

I was (am?) in the Robust Speech Group and the Sphinx Speech Group.

Professor Raj Reddy
Professor Rohit Negi

Education (kinda)
B.E - Electronics and Communication Engineering - M.S.R.I.T, Bangalore under VTU (03)
M.S - Electrical and Computer Engineering - Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh(05)

About me (Defined by my work?)