Books, Books, Books

Hello and welcome. I've been writing and submitting short stories since 1992, but long before I ever thought of writing my own stories, I loved to read other people's. This page contains book recommendations, some for old favorites of mine, and some for books I just met recently. If you would like to know more about me, visit my home page.

Science Fiction and Fantasy

Growing up, I read more than my fair share of science fiction and fantasy. Now that I am writing it, my reading is skewed even more heavily in this direction. It's a wonderful feeling to be able to say to myself that reading (one of my favorite pastimes) is also useful research, keeping me up to date with the field!


Although I read a preponderance of science fiction and fantasy, there are many other books that I enjoy, and indeed my favorite author is Jane Austen.

Children's Books

I could tell you that these books were my childhood favorites -- and indeed some of them were -- but they also include books which I only discovered in the past couple of years. I continue to enjoy reading children's books, and I hope I always will.