IEEE Nanotechnology Council
TC-1: Technical Committee on Nanorobotics and Nanomanufacturing

since February 2002

Purpose and Scope:

This committee acts within the IEEE Nanotechnology Council and focuses on novel nanoscale robotic and manufacturing systems. Nanotechnology applications require novel manufacturing, manipulation, assembly, integration, analysis, and control tools for system level advanced applications. Recently, nanoscale circuits, devices, structures and mechanisms are becoming more complex, and these tools would be very crucial for the future development. The scope of the technical interests of this TC are basic technologies and key issues in nanorobotics and nanomanufacturing systems.


Scanning Probe Microscopy based imaging, manipulation and manufacturing
Nanoscale sensors, actuators, manipulators, and control
Nanoelectromechanical systems
Nanorobotic design


Nanoscale system integration
Nano- and molecular scale energy sources
Medical nanorobots
Biomimetic nanoscale structures, sensors, actuators, and mechanisms
Directed self-assembly based nanomanufacturing
Integration of self-assembly and precision assembly
Nano- and molecular scale device and circuit manufacturing
Massive nanomanufacturing
High density data storage
Advanced human-machine interfaces for nanorobots

Planning (Tentative):

  1. Organization of Special Sessions, Tutorials, Symposiums, and Workshops.
    1. Organization of special sessions at the IEEE-NANO'03 ( )
    2. Organization of a tutorial at the IEEE-NANO'03
    3. Nanomanipulation I & II sessions were organized at the IEEE-NANO'01, Maui, conference as the starting of our activities.  There was a news section in the Science magazine issue after the conference including our special session: Nanoscientists Look to the Future , vol. 294, 16 Nov. 2001.
  2. Organization of special issues in the IEEE Trans. on Nanotechnology related to Nanomanipulation, Nanomanufacturing, etc.
  3. Preparing a TC homepage to announce the TC activities, and also advertise the TC members' research activities.
  4. Organize joint activities with other nanotechnology related societies such as ASME, AVS, etc.


Metin Sitti
Carnegie Mellon University


Paschalis Alexand ridis
SUNY Buffalo

Fumihito Arai
Nagoya University, Japan

Virginia Ayres
Michigan State University

George Barbastathis

Peter Boggild
Delft Technical University, Denmark

Shaochen Chen
University of Texas at Austin

Eniko Enikov
University of Arizona

Toshio Fukuda
Nagoya University, Japan

Hideki Hashimoto
University of Tokyo, Japan

Michael Heller
UC San Diego

Won-Jong Kim
exas A&M University

William King
Georgia Institute of Technology

Helmut Knapp
CSEM, Switzerland

Luke P. Lee
UC Berkeley

Xiaochun Li
University of Wisconsin

Arun Majumdar
UC Berkeley

Ajay P. Malshe
University of Arkansas

Sylvain Martel

Constantinos Mavroidis
Rutgers University

Arvind Raman
Purdue University

Aristides Requicha
University of Southern California

Taher Saif
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Harry Stephanou
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

Andreas Stemmer
ETHZ, Switzerland

Russell M. Taylor II
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Min-Feng Yu
University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

Xiang Zhang
UC Los Angeles

updated by Metin Sitti, Jan. 2003