Various photos

Labor Day weekend: The Mostows visit HersheyPark.

August, 2000: Jack's mother smiles.

August, 2000: Cousin Shai holds Emily.

 August, 2000: Rebecca, Janet, Aliza, and Jacob with canoe.

 August, 2000: boats on a sparkling Cape Cod bay

 August, 2000: red rowboat on a bay beach.

 August, 2000: The Mostows at Eastham's historic windmill.

 August, 2000: Jack and Melody paint watercolors at the beach.

 August, 2000: Jack and Melody's watercolor of the Eastham windmill

 August, 2000: a sparkling Cape Cod bay.

 August, 2000: Janet and Melody on a walk.

 August, 2000: Jack's parents with 3 of 4 children and all 8 grandchildren

 August, 2000: Melody and Emily with cousin Anya

 June, 2000: Melody celebrates her 10th birthday.

 Emily and Skippy nap on couch.

 Emily with Fuzzy Mauldin.