Dale Moore's Bicycle Page

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Type of Cyclists

I have been bicycling in Pittsburgh for more than a decade.

There is nothing more magical than a bicycle.  The exhilaration of climbing the hills of western Pennsylvania.  The thrill of careening down them.

I tried bicycle racing for a time, but there was one minor problem. Lack of talent.

My preference is for high quality steel road bikes. I own two Colnago's and a Masi. They are made of Columbus tubing and have Campagnolo components.  I've never tried Mountain or OffRoad biking.   I might someday, but I've not much experience in that area.

Where to buy bikes

The best local bike shop in the area is Ambridge Bike Shop. 724-266-1111. If you can, talk with either Gary Bywaters or Larry Lynch.

I've occasionally done business with Pittsburgh Pro Bikes in Squirell Hill, and Gatto Bike Shop, but I've never been able to establish a good relationship with them.

For mail order, you have your choice,

Where to ride bikes

I do most of my riding by myself, on the roads, at my pace and at my leisure.  Others, especially those getting started, or those that have a more competitive nature, might appreciate this information about local cycling organizations and trails

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