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I'm adjunct faculty at the Language Technologies Institute. My research interests are mainly in robust speech recognition for a variety of languages (such as Thai, Arabic, Japanese ...), and on occasion speech-to-speech translation. I enjoy learning. I don't mind teaching once in a while and do a few individual classes on my pet topics at CMU every year.

In real life, I'm Head of the Speech Technology Group at Multimodal Technologies, Inc. in Pittsburgh. Our medical transcription business gives us impressive amounts of data to work with, but that's not all we do ...

Maintainer: Monika Woszczyna (monika at cs.cmu.edu)

I do get a crazy amount of spam on this email address and might not respond to email on the first try. Avoiding certain words will help you to stay out of my spam filter. If you want to email something for my eyes only (and possibly attract a whole lot of unwanted attention), please use pgp and my public key.