Minh Duong (Dương Nhật Minh)

Greetings! Welcome to my home page!

A Brief History of Minh

I am a second year graduate student at the Language Technologies Institute, in the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University. I work with Professor Jack Mostow in Project LISTEN. I am interested in various applications of Machine Learning in text and language processing, such as information retrieval, text classification and information extraction.

Before coming to CMU, I spent 4 years on the beautiful campus of Sewanee - The University of the South, majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics. Before that, I was an exchange student in Las Vegas, Nevada during my last year of high school. And even before that, I grew up in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Contact Information

Office: Newell-Simon Hall 4210
Phone: d1a-b0e-lfy0
Email: x@y where x = mnduong and y = cs.cmu.edu

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What Else?

My resume.

More to come later ...

when I have time :)

Last updated on July 10, 2010