Continental Philosophy

For Continental Philosphy we periodically have take-home essay tests in addition to the in class ones. These take home deals are usually around 2000 words total so it is more like one giant essay instead of an "exam".

Exam 1:
The first main topic of this exam is Descartes. Specifically, the test focused on how modern German philosophers Husserl and Heidegger related to Descartes's Meditations. The second topic was Immanuel Kant. I had to address Kant's notion of the synthetic a priori as well as show how Kant's theories on the limits of reason affect proofs and disproofs of God.


My Score: 87/100

Exam 2:
This is the second take-home exam; we also had an in-class exam earlier which I did pretty well on. This exam was basically an exposition on all the major existentialist thinkers in the early 20th century. I wrote on Martin Heidegger and his book Being and Time which was an attempt to fully understand the meaning of Being. Heidegger had to be the most difficult philosopher to come to grips with I have encountered, but in the end I thought he had some very interesting things to say. The second question addressed Jean-Paul Sartre's essay Existentialism is a Humanism as well as the philosophy of Albert Camus. Lastly, I wrote on Simone de Beauvoir's The Second Sex only because I wasn't all that familiar with Maurice Merleau-Ponty and had to pick another essay.


My Score: 93/100

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