I got into cycling several years ago because I needed a way to get to work and I couldn't afford a car at the time. It turns out cycling is great excercise and fun in addition to being a cool hobby to enjoy with friends!

Weight Lifting

I lift weights fairly religously for an hour every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings. I tend to split my days into a push day (chest and triceps), a pull day (back and biceps), a leg day, and a grab bag day (usually core and a cardio challenge). I recently passed the 300 lbs mark on squats, a goal I've had for about a year now. I am constantly willing to try working out with new partners and generally nerd out about fitness. I can point out several dear friends that have shared support and knowledge over the years in this arena: Chris Carlson, Dan Martinell, and Jason Ruchel.


Wine is a source of beauty and relaxation encompassed by a massive space to explore. It can be enjoyed from the standpoint of great pedantry or while simply watching a movie, and in nearly any other occasion. Most of my for-pleasure trips take me to a major wine region. I've been fortunate to have friends that live near many of these regions that I've been able to stay with and enjoy the experience with over the years. At this point I've explored: Napa, Sonoma, Willamette Valley, Columbia Valley, and the Puget Sound.


I haven't figured out where to hike in Pennsylvania yet, but I used to enjoy hiking nearly every weekend when I lived in Washington. Hiking has produced many fond memories and tales of adventure for me over the years. A good hike is extremely challenging, results in a solid view, and presents an opportunity to connect with and enjoy the company of friends.