Proceedings of the 1994 ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Partial Evaluation and Semantics-Based Program Manipulation

June 25, 1994, Orlando, Florida.

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Introduction, table of contents (including page numbers), and author index.

Improving CPS-Based Partial Evaluation: Writing Cogen by Hand
Anders Bondorf and Dirk Dussart (CRI A/S, Denmark, and Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium)
The Essence of Eta-Expansion in Partial Evaluation
Olivier Danvy, Karoline Malmkjaer and Jens Palsberg (Aarhus University, Denmark, and Northeastern University, USA)
Improving Programs Which Recurse over Multiple Inductive Structures
Leonidas Fegaras, Tim Sheard and Tong Zhou (Oregon Graduate Institute, USA)
Analysing Resource Use in the Lambda Calculus by Type Inference
Simon A. Courtenage and Chris D. Clack (University College London, England)
Type Theory and Projections for Higher-Order Static Analysis
Clem Baker-Finch (University of Canberra, Australia)
PERs from Projections for Binding-Time Analysis
Kei Davis (University of Glasgow, Scotland)
Binding-Time Analysis for Standard ML
Lars Birkedal and Morten Welinder (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
Higher-Order Redundancy Elimination
Peter Thiemann (University of Tuebingen, Germany)
Identifying Profitable Specialization in Object-Oriented Languages
Jeffrey Dean, Craig Chambers, and David Grove (University of Washington, USA)
Lightweight Run-Time Code Generation
Mark Leone and Peter Lee (Carnegie Mellon University, USA)
Dictionary-Free Overloading by Partial Evaluation
Mark P. Jones (Yale University, USA)
Partial Evaluation of Numerical Programs in Fortran
Romana Baier, Robert Glueck, and Robert Zoechling (Vienna University of Technology, Austria, and University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
Partial Evaluation for Scientific Computing: The Supercomputer Toolkit
Experience Andrew A. Berlin and Rajeev J. Surati (MIT, USA)

The printed proceedings are available as: Technical Report 94/9, Department of Computer Science, University of Melbourne, Australia. To obtain a copy, contact Dr. Harald Sondergaard (

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