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June 9
Updated Jeffrey Dean's entry on the list of home pages and added a link to Chris Walton's home page.
June 2
Added/updated some home pages:
May 19
Added David Wonnacott's home page.
May 13
Added/updated several home pages:

Added Richard Jones' Garbage Collection bibliography.

Added Projet COMPOSE (at the University of Rennes/IRISA) and the mpC Project (at the Russian Academy of Sciences) to the projects page. Updated the link to the Center for Research on Parallel Computation (CPRC) at Rice.

May 6
Added MPC '98 (Mathematics of Program Construction) to the conferences page.
April 30
Added POPL '98 (Principles of Programming Languages) and the ILPS'97 Post-Conference Workshop on Specialization of Declarative Programs and its Applications to the conferences page.
April 16
Updated the link to the comp.lang.functional FAQ, which is now maintained by Graham Hutton.
April 10
Updated the link to The Language List (on the language overviews page.
April 8
Updated the link to the Pi-calculus page, which is now called Calculi for Mobile Processes. Updated the link to the Scandal project at CMU.
April 4
Added/updated several conferences and workshops:

Also added/updated several links to related pages:

March 31
Added/updated several home pages:

Added Pict, Caml, and Objective Caml to the page of research language overviews.

Updated the link to ACM Transactions on Programming Languages and Systems (TOPLAS) (on the Journals page).

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