What's New on the Language Research Pages?

What's New (Fall 1996):

Nov 11
The Types Forum has moved to Indiana University (it is now moderated by Benjamin Pierce).

Added the home pages of Mike Ashley and Gao Xiaocheng. Updated the link to Svend Frølund's home page.

Added ICLP (International Conference on Logic Programming) to the conferences page.

Oct 28
Deleted links to some pages that appear to be defunct:
Oct 11
Added a link to the Extended Static Checking project at DEC SRC to the projects page, and added Rustan Leino's home page.
Oct 10
Added Sandeep Gupta's home page.
Oct 9
Updated the link to the The Forth page at the University of Paisley (on the language overviews page), and also the euroFORTH (European Forth Conference) web page.
Oct 6
Updated the link to the Catalog of Free Compilers and Interpreters (on the language overviews page).
Oct 4
Updated Norman Ramsey's entry on the list of home pages.
Sep 26
Added Zena Ariola's home page and updated the link to Amr Sabry's home page. Also added a link to the Programming Language Group at the University of Oregon on the projects page.
Sep 25
Updated the link to John O'Regan's Dataflow page.
Sep 19
Added a link to the WWW Virtual Library's list of Programming Language Conferences (on the conferences page).
Sep 17
Updated Franklyn Turbak's entry on the list of home pages. Added the home pages of Frank Tip, Paul Wilson, and Philippe Canalda.

Updated the link to LICS (Logic in Computer Science). (The LICS'97 call for papers was recently released.) Added several new entries to the conferences page:

Also added a link to Jerry Roth's list of Upcoming Compiler and Parallel Computing Conferences.
Sep 16
Added Jeanne Ferrante's and Jakob Rehof's home pages.

Added Foundations for Programming Languages (by John Mitchell) to the books page.

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