What is Stak-O-Dead and where can I get one?

It's a Hypercard database, with setlists, lyrics, etc. from '74 to about '90. It also has some good graphics, tape label makin' capabilities and some great sound-bites. Allen Baum's been away for a while, and the author (John Gilbert) seems to be off the net, so it hasn't been updated for a while. Allen promises to update it when he gets back to the US permanently, but until then we're on our own with where it is now. (Updates for '91 and '92 are now located at the ftp site in pub/gdead/set-lists). You can update it on your own by importing ASCII text in the form of:
mm/dd/yy venuename, city, ST

With each song listed on its own line, and each set/encore seperated by a blank line. Its a grate little utility if ya got the hardware and software, most handy for when Deadbase isn't around or ya need to paste on a skeleton here or there, among other things.

It's available via anonymous ftp from ftp.apple.com in pub/gdeadstuff/stakodead and is also on the dead archive at gdead.berkeley.edu in pub/gdead/mac.

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