Who are the Grateful Dead?

Jerry Garcia, Lead Guitar, Vocals
Phil Lesh, Bass Guitar, Vocals
Bob Weir, Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Bill Krutzman, Rhythm Devils
Mickey Hart, Rhythm Devils
Vince Welnick, Keyboards, Vocals

Kinda Members:

Robert Hunter, Lyricist
John Perry Barlow, Lyricist
Candace Brightman, Visuals
Bob Bralove, does somethin'
John Cutler, SoundEngineer
And a host of others.

Former Members:

Ron "Pigpen" Mckernan, Front Man
('65 - 8/26/71, 12/01/71 - 6/17/72)
Tom "TC" Constanten, Keyboards
(Just my 'magination???)
Keith Godchaux, Keyboards, Vocals
(10/19/71 - 2/17/79)
Donna Godchaux, Vocals
(3/25/72 - 2/17/79)
Brent Mydland, Keyboards, Vocals
(4/22/79 - 7/23/90)
Bruce Hornsby, Keyboards, Accordion
(9/15/90-3/92 - a few)

Former Kinda Members:

Dan Healy, SoundWizard
Betty Cantor, SoundEngineer
Owsley aka Bear
And a host of others.

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