How Can I Spot A Fake Ticket?

For starters, there's no reason you should ever have to, as buying tickets from scalpers or in the lot is frowned upon strongly, but lectures aside, your best bet is to take it to the ticket-takers and ask them if its legit. For GDTS tix, you can make a small tear at the edge of the ticket, and if it's good it will have what appears to be red paper in the center of the ticket (between the front and back). You can also do the old comparison to others GDTS tix. For TixMaster (and assumedly Bass) tix, you can give 'em the cigarette burn test, which is basically ya touch the lit end of a cig to the ticket, and a) it doesn't burn all the way through b) leaves a purplish mark on the tix. This, however, is not a failsafe method either, as all it confirms is that the tix were printed on thermal paper, and are most likely TicketMaster stock. The problem being, that TM stock occaisonally has a funny way o dissapearin', so fake tix could be printed on legit paper, and ya won't know 'til ya get to the door. The best way to know is to buy them yourself :-), and the next best is to take 'em to the door and have a venue- person take a look.

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