What is Dead-Flames?

A mailing list that is the equivalent of rec.music.gdead. Everything read in dead-flames is also read in rec.music.gdead and vice-versa (except for those things posted to rec.music.gdead with a restricted distribution that prevents them from reaching the node that dead-flames originates from). Dead-flames is digestified, each mail message may contain many postings. Each message is about 600-700 lines long (about 24K characters).

Even if you don't receive dead-flames, you can post to both dead-flames and rec.music.gdead using email. Dead-flames is handy for those who do not get usenet.news, for those who do get usenet.news but have a slow feed, or even for those who have reading, but not posting, privleges for usenet.news.

The following is the standard info that's always tacked on to each dead-flames digest:


The service addresses, to which questions about the list itself and requests
to be added to or deleted from it should be directed, are as follows:

    Internet: dead-flames-request@gdead.berkeley.edu

You can send mail to the entire list (and rec.music.gdead) via one of these

    Internet: dead-flames@gdead.berkeley.edu

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