What is DeadBase and how do I get one?

DeadBase is a deadhead-originated manual which contains extensive set lists, statistics, venue info, facts and opinion on twenty-seven years of Grateful Dead magic; it is an invaluable resource for any Deadhead.

DeadBase '91 includes the year's setlist for both GarciaBase and WeirBase.

DeadBase VI is out. It is available in either Hard Cover or Soft Cover, is complete through the end of 1991, and includes a Garciabase and Weir- base.

Note all prices are in US dollars.

(Note: I have not been able to verify any of these with the Deadbase people myself, but believe they are correct. -EN)

           Pages  Book Rate  Priority
    DB '88  128    10.00      12.00
    DB '89  192    12.00      14.00
    DB '90  224	   12.00      14.00 
    DB '91  224    12.00      14.00
    DB '88/89/90/91 (set of 4 annual editions)
		   38.00      42.00
    DB V    502    26.00      29.00
    DB VI   564	   27.00      30.00(assume this is for the SoftCover, see 
                                    below for additional pricing on VI.)
Make check payable to DeadBase. Send to:

        DeadBase Orders
        P.O. Box 499
        Hanover, NH 03755
Also, Ken Hays @ Terrapin Tapes has the Deadbases. The advantage to this is that you may order them by phone and pay with plastic(Visa/MC). There is no surcharge for ordering through Ken. The phone number for Terrapin Tapes is 800-677-8650.

    DB 88      12.00
    89 or 90   14.00
    88/89&90   32.00
    V          29.00
    VI  (soft) 30.00 (hardcover) 42.00
[note: Terrapin Tapes uses Priority only (UPS).]

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