Is there an archive of material from the net?

Yes. New archive site is (

FTP and access to the site is detailed below. also has a gopher server. People with gopher clients can connect with: gopher Gopher is a distributed document delivery service allowing access to various types of data residing on multiple hosts by presenting a hierarchical arrangement of documents using a client-server com- munications model. Your guess is as good as mine..:)

[If you're reading this, you probably already know the following:]
If you have access to the World-Wide Web (e.g. via Mosaic), there's a pretty impressive setup done by Mark Leone that incorporates alot of the stuff from the berkeley site. Just open the following URL and follow the menus:

The material contained at the various ftp sites is freely available to anyone with ftp access, and should not be distributed for commercial gain without the explicit permission of the authors of said material, unless otherwise noted.

The gdead site at berkeley has all sorts of goodies, including ibm/mac/Next stuff, discography, gdhours, setlists, stats, tape-label programs, tye-dye info, sounds, site-layouts, etc. There is also some stuff at ( in pub/gdeadstuff Additionally, some guitar tabulations can be found at ( in pub/guitar/Grateful_Dead and at ( in pub/music/guitar/g Finally, Mike Wagner ( has a ftp site set up at with gdead stuff in pub/reni/music/gdead All of these sites accept anonymous as the user name, as detailed below with relation to gdead:

For those who don't know, is an anonymous ftp site for Dead-related stuff. Just "ftp" and use "anonymous" as a user name. Help is avalible with the "help" command.

no ftp access: email, help as message body.

There are a few things you should know if you have never anonymous ftp(ed) before. First, in order for you to access the ftp site you must be on the internet; I assume you are. Second, your site must be using the name server (which comes with the internet feed). Third, you must be familiar with anonymous ftp procedures. I'll address each of these concerns.

Note: This session was done ftp'ing the old archive site. I've kept it in and changed the appropriate addresses because it's an example of a FTP session done with UNIX-based equipment. I additionally added a session I had with the new site from a VAX below. As always, email any corrections or suggestions,

Assuming you are on the internet you should not have any problems getting through to I am not sure of the situation of people with pc-modem packages, that is to say I don't know where they get the dead_flames feed from or how they do connect into the internet (so I can't really help these people.) However being on a (or .edu) address you should be "dialed in dude" :)

Anyway if your site is not running the name server you will have to give the literal IP address for A name server is a bit of software that automagically looks up the IP address associated with the name of the computer you are trying to send mail to, or connect to. The other thing to keep in mind is the type of equipment both sites are using. Ideally both computers will be UNIX machines. ftp is a UNIX thing, and who knows what to do if you aren't on a UNIX box. [It all works about the same on VAX/VMS, though you may have to type in >user< to get the Name prompt:] The following insert is a file transfer protcol (ftp) session I had with where I logged in and sent a file back to my own machine. Note everything inside the >< is what I typed in response to the prompts. Don't actually type in the >< when you use this as an example.

Anything inside the () are comments to help you understand. Hope this helps. Also I'm assuming most people reading this far are complete novices at this, so this is why I'm explaining in such detail.

Here is a sample FTP session.

To submit something for installation on

1. cd /pub/gdead/drop-box

2. put "file-name" (where "file-name" is the name of the file on your system containing what you want to submit)

Thanx to Richard Langston for keepin' the archives for awhile and, I believe, creating this sample session.

VAX details

Well, that's the way it was, and it should all pretty much work the same way at I've left that all in because it's an example of a UNIX-based machine talking to the site. Here's a session I had with the berkeley site using a VAX, all the conventions are the same, xcept stuff inside [] is stuff you should type without the [] and then hit a carriage return, anything inside () are notes...and i used dir instead of ls to get the listing of files/directories...they are usu. interchangeable..

Additionally, it's been mentioned to me that when FTP'ing from some VAXen, it's necessary to put double quotes around the commands you give to the ftp site. So if the below doesn't work for ya, try that, for example ["dir"] instead of [dir]

Additional notes: it would've been alot easier to type all this in if I'd of used ls instead of dir to see what's there..same diff, and you should type binary at the NEMESIS.BERKELEY.EDU> prompt before downloading most if not all files...hope this me if i've messed anything up here, and the README file says:

Questions and comments may be directed to: kraitch@Berkeley.EDU

P.S. typing cd.. at the prompt will get you back up a directory level. Also, incoming submissions to gdead.Berkeley.EDU may be left in /pub/incoming or /pub/gdead/drop-box

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