Vegetarian Gravy

From: (Kareema Dean)
Date: 25 Oct 93 16:57:56 GMT
If you have a good veggie base around, it is easy.  I make one about every
2 weeks.  Unfortunately, I don't do milk any more so this recipe is a thing
of the past for me, but it used to hit the spot.

to make 2 cups or so...
Saute small onions and 4-5 mushrooms and 1 clove garlic in butter (or just
heat up some butter if you want it plain.. I like onions)

When they soft, add about 2 tblsp flour and mix it around until it is

Pour on 1-1.5 cups veggie broth and stir.  When that starts to warm up,
pour a cup or less of cream or milk in and stir.  Let  boil stirring alot
in the beginning to keep it from lumping.  and voila!   The amount of flour
is kinda if-y. I like it thick, and usually end up adding more flour later
on in the process to  make it thicker.  



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