Red Kale with Grated Coconut

From: Nita Goyal nita@CS.Stanford.EDU
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 93 13:07:59 -0700
This is a recipe for Red kale that I got from a friend. I am sending
it without her permission but I am sure she will be happy to share it.
The recipe comes from the Kerala region of India (south western
coastal area). You might want to reduce the amount of green chillies!

(obtained from Anna Verghese)
(Can sometimes call it 'thoran', but grandma may protest:-))

Kale :This is a leafy vegetable like "Cheera". You get two varieties
	in the grocery stores. I prefer red one to the green one.
	you can try the green one too.

Ingredients :

Kale :  One bunch - chopped fine.
Shallots : one.- chopped fine. (This is the small ulli we get in Kerala. 
		Here it is not small:-)). Available in grocery stores.
Garlic : one or two ( paste half a teaspoon)- chopped fine
ginger : half an inch cube - chopped fine
Green chillies : 3 to 4  chopped.
Coconut powder : 3 table spoons.
Onion : Half - chopped fine.
oil : 2 to 3 teaspoons.
salt : one teaspoon
Mustard seeds : One teaspoon.
Turmeric powder : Quarter teaspoon
Cumin seeds : a pinch

Procedure :

Heat oil in a shallow vessel.( preferably Non-stick)
Put mustard seeds and then shallots.
When shallots start turning brown, mix the kale .
Then put the onions, ginger, garlic, salt, cumin seeds,
coconut powder, and turmeric powder.
Mix it well and keep the vessel open.
Stir it occassionally till it is fully dry.

Note : 
1.  Those who do not like coconut can avoid it.
2.  Those who can get hold of a grinder can mix the onions, garlic, ginger,
    coconut, cumin seeds, and turmeric in it.

Enjoy !!!!



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