Curing Olives

From: (Kirk Marple)

Date: 14 Jul 1993 17:56:41 -0700

These instructions for curing olives are from _The Food of Greece_ by
Vilma Liacouras Chantiles (Simon & Schuster, 1975):

Collect the olives as ripe as possible (late November in Greece).
Slash or stamp each olive with the side of knife or board to make an
opening, then soak in cold water in earthenware or glass containers
for 10 days, changing the water daily. Soak in a brine solution for 24
hours, then wash off the brine and soak for 24 hours in vinegar.
Drain. Store in jars in olive oil.  This method will preserve olives
indefinitely. (If sourer olives are preferred, add a little vinegar to
the oil).


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