Beet Recipe

From: ida@arezzo.ATC.Olivetti.Com (Ida Meomartino)

Date: 13 Aug 1993 23:54:27 GMT

Take the beets (3 or 4) and just cut their leaves.
Then wash them and put in a pan. (An old one would be fine)
Finally broil or bake in the oven (eletrical or gas oven, don't use
a microwave) for about 2 hours at 400 degrees. 
After the cooking, clean them pulling up the skin (like a boiled potato)
cut in litle stripes or litle pieces and dress with salt, vinegar and oil.
That's it.

Let me know if you like it.
I was forgetting to tell you that you can keep the leftovers into refrigerator.


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