Two Beet Recipes

From: (Julia V Genyuk)

Date: 12 Aug 1993 16:55:39 GMT

  Here are two Russian beet recipes  (I'm not sure, that their
  origin is in Russia, but they are pretty popular there)
  All quantities are approximate.

  Vinegret (Beet Salad)

  Boil a couple average beet roots, potatoes and carrots.
  Peel them and cut in small cubes. Cut finely 1 raw onion (you
  may soak it in cold water for a while before this, if you
  want less sharp taste). Cut into cubes 1-2 sweet pickles.
  Mix everything together and add olive oil. Add also a little
  bit of salt and vinegar to your taste.

  Svekolnik (Beet Soup)  Perfect for hot weather!

  You will need a bunch of beets *with greens* for this soup.
  Peel the beet roots and boil until almost done. (You may add
  some vinegar or lemon acid to the water, to make color more deep).
  Add chopped beet greens and continue boiling until greens are soft.
  Shred beet roots (not too finely), cool down the soup and put in the
  refrigerator. Boil 1-2 eggs, cut them and a cucumber into small pieces,
  mix and store separately. Serve cold. Before serving, add eggs and cucumber
  to the soup (as much as you like; for me 2 eggs make 3-4 servings).
  Add also some plain yogurt or light sour cream to your taste
  (In Russia we use kefir; I saw it in health food stores, but never
  tasted, so I don't know if it's the same). It might be possible to
  use something non-dairy instead, I never tried.




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