Quick & Dirty Miso Soup

From: Kristen McQuillin kristen@foxholly.pgh.pa.us
Date: Sat, 18 Sep 1993 09:36:25 -0400 (EDT)

1 packet 	dashi (fish flakes)
1/2 c		miso (red or yellow)
2		scallions
1/4 lb		tofu
1/4 t		ginger (fresh grated)

Make fish broth by boiling the fish flakes in about a quart of water until
the water is pale yellow and tastes fishy. Strain the flakes from the broth.

Slice the scallions into very thin rounds, cut the tofu into small cubes
and add both to the broth. When the scallions are soft (just a few
minutes) add the miso and ginger. Heat (without boiling) to serving

NOTES: You can use "instant dashi" (like bullion cubes) or real fish to
make the fish broth. 

Garlic (sliced into very thin ovals) is also very good in this soup. Add
with the scallion and tofu.


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