Poached Salmon/Sauteed Tuna

From: i000702@disc.dla.mil ( sam frajerman,sppb,x3026,)
Date: Wed, 1 Sep 93 10:37:49 -0400

I poach small salmon filets, approximately 6 ounces, by putting
about a half inch of water in a small, 5-6 inch frypan, covering
it, heating the water to simmer, then putting in the filet
covered for four minutes.  That's it and of course, you can add
whatever seasoning you like to the salmon or to the water.  I
apologize for being so basic, but for years I was 
afraid to try poaching even though I adore poached salmon, so I'm 
telling you exactly how to do it and how easy it is.  The four
minutes leaves the center uncooked and very juicy.  If there's
skin, it usually sticks to the pan, and if you run hot water over
it as soon as you remove the salmon, it'll wash/scrape right off. 
I've taken to letting the filet cool off a bit and cutting it
into inch and a half wide pieces and adding to a salad including lettuce 
(any kind) good tomato, nice ripe avocado, red onion, croutons,
and any tasty dressing.


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