Tomato Chutney

From: (Vida Halligan)
Date: Mon, 6 Sep 93 21:40:45 +1200


  24 red tomatoes                      8 onions
  2  cucumbers                         1.5 bottles vinigar  (1125 ml totel)
  2 lb Sugar                           3 TBs Mustard
  1 tsp Ceyenne pepper                 6 TBs Flour (for thickening)
  2 TBs Curry powder                   1.5 oz salt

 Cut up red tomatoes onions and unpeeled cucumbers and salt, leave overnight
strain off liquid add sugar vinigar. Boil till tender then add mustard and 
Ceyenne pepper, then thicken with flour Curry powder and enough extra vinegar
to thicken. Bottle, cover when cold. Keeps well and can be used immediately.


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