Sour Cream Raisin Pie


Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1993 14:12:42 GMT

Reprinted without permission from the Target

2c      Sour Cream
4       Egg Yolks
1 3/4c  Sugar
4tsp    Flour(heaping)
1 1/2c  Raisins

1 baked 10-inch single-crust pie shell
Yields 1 (10-inch) pie

"Stir the sour cream and yolks in a heavy medium saucepan.  Add the 
sugar.  Dump in the flour, then rains, and mix using a wooden spoon.
Cook over medium heat until the raisins are plump and the filling is 
glossy (about 5 minutes after a full boil, or just a little longer, 
depending on your burner).

"Cool the filling slightly, then pour into the cool crust.  Preheat
oven to 400.  Prepare meringue and spread onto pie.  Put the pie in the
oven.  Watch closely for 15 to 20 minutes, then take it out when the 
peaks are golden brown.  Let it cool.  Eat immediately or keep in a
cool room.  Do not refrigerate unless keeping it overnight."

Meringue: Place 12 medium egg whites in bowl.  Add 1/4 heaping teaspoon
cream of tartar.  Beat until stiff, using an electric mixer on high
speed.  Add 2 cups powdered sugar and beat until meringue forms soft
peaks.  Using a "licker" (a rubber spatula), spread onto pie filling,
making a good seal with the edge of the crust.  The person who does 
this recipe says that large eggs don't do well with this - she uses
small eggs...

I hope this is the recipe that the person on was
looking for.  I c an't say how this recipe works - as I haven't used 
it - however, this recipes is from the cookbook written by Helen Myhre
who owns the Norske Nook in Osseo, Wisconsin... Apparently this cafe
came into national recognition a while back - Willard Scott ate there
as well as Charles Kuralt...  She claims that her recipes are just
plain farm cooking.

Enjoy :}
bonnie - I love to bake cookies


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