Pizza Dough

From: (Peter C. Norton)
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 93 02:43:24 GMT
Hmm.  This is a bit tough, because when I worked at a pizzeria, the quantities
were a bit daunting.  I'm not going to do the conversions, and though it's a
bit ridiculous, here's the recipe for about 55-60 medium (12") pizzas.

30.70 lb flour (a little less for dry days, a little more for humid days)
1 gallon water (cold if you want to use the dough later)
..25 lb yeast (I don't remember what type.  It was in 1lb blocks, and it bore
		a resemlance to a cinnamon roll in that it looked like it
		was in layers)
1/4 cup salt.

Mix it all until it looks like it's ready to be used.

Cut it into 1 lb portions, then roll it into a ball (there's a specific
way of doing this, but it shouldn't matter, just make it into a ball) 
then put it  into whatever you're using to hold it while it rises.  Flatten
it a bit with the palm of your hand.

let it rise once, then use it.

If it's done properly, then it'll stretch and whatnot so you can 
play with it the same way guys in pizzarias do.  As opposed to the
way that standard bread dough is fairly inflexible.  

The reason that I put down this whoe recipe is that when I make pizza
dough for myself, I can do it by sight, so I've never bothered to 
do any measurements.  Hope that this is useful.  Someone please convert
this.  My primary stumbling block is that I've no notion about converting
# of flour to cups.



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