Veal Scallopini

From: Huifen Chan

Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1993 16:05:34 -0400

I learned this yummy dish from my boyfriend's mum and thought I should
share it with you.

Flatten scallopini with back of cleaver.
Brown veal scallopini in a mixture of olive oil and butter.
Drain them on paper towel.
Roll them in slices of Motzerella cheese and ham.
Brown slightly again and remove from pan.
Add a little ( just a little, less than half a teaspoon for 5-6 pieces
of veal) flour to the oil mixture, and stir.
Add a drops of lemon juice to the mixture,
Add abt half of a small packet of half and half.
Add a little salt, which is really not necessary.
Shake some parley leaves on the sauce.  
Put the rolled meat in the sauce, cover and simmer in low heat for a few
minutes.  Enjoy!


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