Spicy Grilled Chicken and Potatoes

From: cschnell@iiasa.ac.at (Carey SCHNELL)

Date: Tue, 3 Aug 1993 07:32:20 GMT

Ingredients for four:

Chicken for four
Potatoes for four
Spices: Mild chili, salt and pepper, parsley, ginger...
Oil of your choice (I use chili and olive oil..)

What I do is take enough chicken with skin on, to feed 4 appetites.
Boil it for 10-15 minutes.
Allow to cool a little, then dust it with spices:
Spice Mix:	2 tspns MILD chili
		1 tspn pepper
		half tspn salt
		2 tspns parsley
		half tspn ginger

Have the oven pre-heated to a moderate temperature

On a lightly greased oven tray, lay the chicken pieces skin side up.
The boiling process takes most of the fat from the chicken, and leaves
you with a nice stock that you can freeze for later use.

The baking will also give off a little fat, and you should baste the
chicken with this to keep it moist.  You basically cook the chicken
in the oven for around 15-20 mins from this point.

At the same time, I will have prepared potatoes to go into the oven with 
the chook. (More instructions follow in the taties recipe) 

Sliced and spicy potaties
Enough potatoes for 4 persons, and then 2 for luck.
Scrub but don't peel. Slice thickly, approx half inch thick. Lay onto
the oven tray, but make sure both sides have a little grease on them 
otherwise they will stick to the tray. You may need to add a little more
oil (I use chili oil, but that may be a little hot for The Parents).

Keep an eye on these little suckers, as they will cook pretty quickly.
The idea is that they will bubble up towards the end, and you will
need to turn them over to get them all toasty on the other side as well.

Sprinkle the potatoes and the chicken (make sure you turn them over
at some stage in the cooking as well, but they should end up skin side up
to make sure the skin doesn't get soggy) with the spice mix throughout
the cooking time, to get the flavour through.

In the meantime, prepare a simple tossed salad with a simple
dressing so as not to compete with the flavour of the chook.

Serve with the salad and a good Turkish bread (one of the ones
that you rip apart, or a crusty one if you want something a little
more elegant


Carey Schnell-Wright
.... and Aussie in exile in Austria


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