Chicken "Wing" Pizza Date: Wed, 4 Aug 1993 03:40:45 -0400

There's a rather familiar recipe that alot of people use to make what I
think are the *best* chicken wings in's the ultimate in
casual cooking, and infallible...
1. Take 2-3 pounds of cut wings, but them in a big bowl
2. Dump a big bottle of Durkee's Red Pepper Hot Sauce over them
3. Pour white vinegar into the bowl until it is almost full
4. Add enough oil to make just a thin layer on top of the other liquid
5. Let it sit for an hour, then broil the wings.

The wings are served with blue cheese dip, sour cream or some of the
vinegar/pepper sauce for dipping.  No matter how much or little of each of
the ingredients, as long as they're all there, it's an impossible recipe
to screw up.

This weekend we decided that we wanted to imitate all these places that
are serving (insert restaurant's name) style-chicken pizza (including the
Price Club!) so, after being goaded on by the people who tell me I make
good wings, I experimented, and out came:
Thespian's Spicy Grilled Chicken Pizza

- The crust is left up to you..I was lazy and used Boboli :)
- The pizza sauce is left up to you..I used the last of my homemade from last
- mozzarella cheese, shredded about a c. per pizza but also to taste
- olive oil
- a small bottle of Durkee's sauce
- white vinegar
- 2-3 boneless chicken breasts
- sundried tomatoes
- crushed dried peppers for sprinkling on finished pizza

Like with the wings, the chicken breasts get soaked in Durkee's and
vinegar.  If you are going to broil them, you'll need oil in the mix
again; since it's that time of year I barbecued them, and the oil wasn't
really needed.  Cook the chicken and cut it into small chunks.  Lightly
baste the whole pizza crust, including the edges with the olive oil.  Mix a
bit of the hot pepper sauce into the pizza sauce and spread that over the
pizza crust.  Put the dried tomatoes on top of the sauce, cover with
mozzarella, and spread the chunked chicken evenly over the pizza.  If
you're a masochist like me, splash on more hot sauce (g).  

Becuase I used a pre-cooked crust, my cooking time was fairly short...15
minutes at 350 F.  


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