Lebanese Sirloin Tips and Sauce

From: v313mdm8@ubvmsd.cc.buffalo.edu (ROCHELLE NEWMAN)

Date: Sun, 18 Jul 1993 01:42:00 GMT

This is from my fiance's Lebanese grandmother, and measurements are 
not exact....

1 1/2 lbs. sirloin tips, cubed
1 can tomato sauce (16 oz. can)
1/4 lb butter
1 onion
1 cup rice

Brown onion in 1/2 stick butter; Add meat, then simmer until brown.
Add can of tomato sauce, and let simmer for 1 hour.  Then add spices
(about a shake each of salt, pepper, and cinnamon).

Meanwhile, make rice dish.  Get 1 serving of Vermicelli, and brown in
1/4 stick butter.  Wash 1 cup rice, and add to vermicelli, mix well.
Add 1 1/2 cups hot water, and cook until rice is done.

Serve and enjoy!


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