Rice Dish

From: davisd@ucs.orst.edu (David M. Davis - Public Safety)
Date: 6 Sep 1993 21:31:51 GMT

  I have used chicken breast, pork, turkey breast, lean beef & venison.
  You may use one or any combination of the above. I tried duck once
  not a good idea..

  Onion and garlic, salt and pepper, tobassco sause, stir fry seasoning.
  I have not mastered the subtle art of mixing oriental seasonings so
  I use the Sun Bird stir fry seasoning.

  Cellery, Brocalli, Carrots, Corn... any other you can think of.

  Oil, I like olive oil, I use vegetable oil, ( I'm poor )
  Broth, Chicken or Vegetable
  Rice, Any combination that will cook well together, (read at same rate).
  Late at night I use Uncle Bens.

How to do it:
  I start with my favorite old deep side skillet. I put about 2-3 tablespoons
  of oil in the bottom and turn it on medium heat. Dice up about 1/4 cup
  of onions, dice them fine, (green or boiler), and toss them in. Smash
  two garlic cloves or add about 1/2 teaspoon of minced garlic, a bit less
  of garlic powder. (I put a mound about 1/4 inch deep and about 1 inch
  in diameter in my palm and add it.) Add about 1/4 teaspoon of salt and 
  pepper to smell. Stir occasionally and cook till the onions are golden

  Cut up the meat into chunks. I like to chew mine so they are about 1 to
  1 1/2 inches square. My wife cuts them smaller. If the meat is pre-cooked
  (yes left overs), it will only need to warm up and aquire the flavor of
  the spices about 3 to 5 minutes. Otherwise cook till done. I use pork
  venison and chicken for a wonderful flavor. Add the meat to the skillet 
  if you haven't done so. Stir occasionally and start dicing the vegies.

  Cut the chunks as you like them. I like whole florets of Broccoli and
  my carrots small. Corn is easy if it is kernaled. I use the entire
  Cellery stalk cut into 1/2 inch lengths. As you cut them up, add them.
  Stir and see how it looks. You may have to turn up the heat a bit here.
  When the vegies are steamed they will change colors, get a bit darker
  a bit softer but still crunchy. Cover the skillet and give it about
  5 to 10 minutes to simmer. Stir occasionally, you know, don't let it
  stick or burn.

  I gave no amounts in the above because it should be to your liking. 
  Thinking back there is usually about 1 to 1 1/2 cups of each of the
  veggies, and about 1/2 pounds of each of the meats. I use alot of
  left overs and sometimes there is not much of one, and alot of another.
  I try and balance the smell and look of it. My skillet is one of those
  semi "wok" ones, rounded, about 12" across and 6" deep. It is usually
  about 1/2 to 2/3 full now.

  Now I add 2 to 3- 14oz cans of broth or about 2 to 3 pints if you made
  your own. The mix should just be covered. If I remember I reserve 1/2
  can of broth to blend the stir fry seasoning in. If not I use water.
  Bring it to a boil and add an equal amount of instant rice. I use the 
  cans to measure a 1 to 1 volume. If I'm working from scratch, I pour
  the boiling liquid off into the "not instant" rice and begin cooking it
  slowly. I put the vegie mix back and mix them together when the rice
  is done.

  After 5 minutes fluff the instant rice brand and eat it.

  If I'm into cagen, I add about 4 to 6 teaspoons of tobassco sause
  to the mix prior to adding the rice. 

  That's it! I have reread it and it sounds chaotic. It is chaotic. On
  the avrage day, after work, I can put it on the table in about 30
  minutes. My teenagers leave no scraps from one of these and never
  question the ingrediants. ( At least not more than once. ) If you're
  a Vegan, leave out the meat, it's still good.


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