Bulgar Wheat Recipes - COLLECTION

Subject: Bulgar Wheat Recipes

Date: Wed, 25 Aug 1993 18:28:39 GMT


Use it as a tasty substitute for rice or other grains you would use.
This means that you can either plain cook it, or preferably prepare
it in pilav-like fashion.
To do this:

Cut an onion in small pieces, then slowly fry it in a ample oil. 
(Maybe add some fine-cut cloves of garlic as well)
Then add the bulgur and continue frying, stirring occasionally for
another 5-8 minutes, until all the bulgur is covered with a little oil.

Then add salt (*) and just as much water until your pan contains 1cm more water
than bulgur. Allow to cook, stir well, then turn gas low and allow for all 
the water to evaporate (keep the lid on your pan).

My original turkish recipe asks for addition of extra butter or oil, when
all is done and an extra 5 minutes of simmering, but I usually skip this

(*) Of course instead of adding mere salt, you can add any kind of seasoning
    at this point in the recipe. (5-flower powder, curry powder and such)

IMITATION SENEGALESE DISH. (Kehkeh (pronunciation))

A quick (greasy and salt) snack for summer nights. I imitated this from
one of my favourite dishes, no claims for authenticity.
Bulgur can be replaced with quinoa (inca wheat). 

100 g	 bulgur wheat
  1	 egg (almost hard boiled)
  1	 tomato, cut into parts
  8 cm   celery
150 g    dried, salted fish (I don't know it's name in english)
         can be substituted by any tasty non-white-meat fish
 add  |	 salt 
 to   |  lemon juice
taste |  oil
      |  shredded peppers

Prepare bulgur as rice, or as above.
Meanwhile cook the celery for 2 minutes (for those who dislike raw celery),
boil the egg. Fry the fish.
Serve on a plate arranging fish, celery, sliced egg and tomato aesthetically
pleasing on top. 
Sprinkle ample lemon juice on it, add 2-3 tbsp oil and add salt.
Add shredded peppers of you like it hot.

Bon appetit,



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