Chili Recipes : COLLECTION

From: (Micaela Pantke)

Date: Thu, 9 Sep 93 11:14:07 +0200


From: (Shel Talmy)

(Serves 25)

1/4 lb   each of the following dried beans:  kidney, white, pink, black,
         red, pinto, cranberry, and navy
1 lb     bacon
5        large onions, peeled and chopped
2/3 cup  minced garlic
1/4 cup  toasted coriander seeds, ground
1/4 cup  ground cinnamon
1/4 cup  paprika
1/4 cup  cayenne pepper, or to taste for the timid of tongue
1/2 cup  ground dried Poblano chili peppers
108 oz   (#10 can) Italian plum tomatoes, with juice
12 oz    beer
5 lb     lean ground beef
salt to taste

In a large pot, soak the beans together overnight in water to cover. 

Drain and add fresh water to cover.  Cook at a simmer for 1 1/2 hours or
until beans are just tender. 

While the beans are simmering, heat a large skillet.  Mince the bacon
and cook it until it begins to crisp.  Add the onions and garlic and
cook over medium heat for 5 minutes.  Add all the spices and the ground
Poblanos and cook another 5 minutes.  Add the tomatoes with their juice
and the beer.  Simmer for half an hour. 

In another pan, cook the beef until the pink color disappears.  Drain
and add it to tomatoe mixture. 

When the beans are fully cooked, drain them, reserving the liquid, and
add the beans to the meat/tomato mixture.  Salt to taste and let the
mixture simmer for about 1 hour.  If it is too dry, add some of the bean

From: (Darin Wilkins)

Source: Sunset magazine, January 1993

(serves 6-7)

Ingredients + Instructions:
In a 5- to 6-quart pan (with lid), combine:

2         large (about 1 pound, total) onions, chopped
2 cloves  garlic, pressed or minced
1 tblsp   salad oil.

Place over high heat.  Stir often until onions are tinged with brown,
about 8 minutes. 

2 quarts regular-strength chicken broth
1 pound  (about 2 1/2 C) dried black beans, sorted for debris and rinsed
1 tblsp  coriander seed
1 tsp    whole allspice
1 tsp    dried oregano leaves
3/4 tsp  crushed dried hot red chilies
6        cardamom pods, hulls removed (1/4 tsp seed).

Bring to a boil over high heat.  Reduce heat to simmer.  Cover and
simmer until beans are tender to bite, about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. 

While the beans simmer, prepare the fruit as follows:
Remove 2 teaspoons zest from:

2 1/2 pounds (approximately) oranges, mandarins (tangerines),
      tangelos, or tangelolos.  (Tangelolos, a cross between grapefruit
      and tangelos, are a fairly recent development and aren't widely

Ream enough fruit to produce:
1/2 C juice.

Remove the peel and white membrane from the remaining fruit.
Thinly slice fruit crosswise. Remove any seeds.

After the beans become tender, raise heat to high, uncover, and boil
until most of the liquid evaporates, about 10 - 15 minutes.  (Reduce
the heat and stir occasionally as mixture thickens.)

Remove beans from heat and stir in:
1 tsp      zest
the 1/2 C  juice.

Ladle beans into serving bowls.
Place the sliced fruit equally on top of the beans in each bowl.

Add to taste:
sour cream
fresh cilantro (coriander) sprigs

Garnish with the remaining 1 tsp zest.

From: (Richard Darsie)


2-3 cups     kidney beans
4            medium onions
2            bell peppers
2 stalks     celery
3 cloves     garlic
1 tsp        basil
1 tsp        oregano
1 tblsp      chili powder
1 tsp        cumin
2 cans       tomatoes
1/2 - 1 cup  cashews
1 tsp        salt
1/4 cup      cider vinegar (this is really much more than is needed)
handful raisins
black pepper, bay leaf

Saute onions, bell peppers, celery, garlic.  Add spices, fry with onion
mix, stirring constantly.  Add tomatoes, pepper, bay leaf, cashews,
salt, raisins, wine.  Add beans, simmer covered for 30 min.  Add water
if necessary.  Add vinegar when chili is almost ready.  For variety, add
carrots or green beans (may need to cook longer until they are tender). 

From: (Carol Sharp)


1 lb.    ground beef, browned and drained
1        medium onion, diced
1        small or 1/2 large green pepper diced
1        1# can diced tomatoes
1        1# can chili beans (Brooks Hot Chili beans are my favorite)
1        small can tomato paste
1/2 cup  red wine
1 pkg    chili seasoning mix
1 tblsp  chili powder

Mix everything together in the crockpot and cook on low 6 or more hours.  
This is really good with some cheese stirred in just before serving and a 
dab of sour cream on top. 

From: (Chuck Morford)


2 lb        Ground Beef (The leaner the better)
1           15oz Can Kidney Beans (I tried it starting from scratch with
            dried beans but it wasn't worth the effort)
1           15oz can Black Turtle Beans (Progresso makes good ones)
1           8oz can tomato sauce (I don't like a lot of tomato in my chili)
1           large Yellow Onion (Chopped)
5-6 cloves  of garlic (or about 2 teaspoons of garlic in oil)
12 Large    Jalapeno peppers (Take the seeds out before using)
1 tblsp     Paprika
1 tblsp     Cumin
1 tblsp     Garlic Powder
1 tblsp     Oregano
1 tsp       Cayenne (I told ya I liked it hot)
1/2 tsp     Black Pepper
Salt to taste
Enough Olive oil to saute the onions,garlic and jalapenos

Chop the onions, peppers and garlic.  Saute them in olive oil until the
onions are browned.  Throw in the Beef and continue cooking until the
beef is browned.  When done, throw the mixture along with all of the
other ingredients, into a crock pot or stewing pot.  In the crock pot
cook for 6 to 10 hours.  In the stew pot cook covered for about an hour
and a half.  If more liquid is needed I like to add beer, but red wine
is great too. 

From: (Erik. A Speckman)


bay leaf
2-3 cups    soaked beans (black or red)
4 tsp       cumin
4 tsp       oregano
4 tsp       paprika
1/2 tsp     cayenne
ground "New Mexico" chili powder (however much looks good, few tsp.?)
Gebhardt's chili powder (however much looks good, few tsp.?)
1           chili negro or ancho
peanut oil
2           large onions, chopped
4-6 cloves  garlic, minced
ca. 4 cups  tomatoes, chopped (fresh/peeled or canned)
1-2 tsp     chopped chipotle chili
1/4 cup     red wine
1-2 Tblsp   vinegar (wine, cider, rice)

Cover beans and bay leaf with 2 inches of fresh water, bring to boil. 
Lower heat and simmer.  Toast cumin and oregano over med.  heat,
stirring so they don't burn.  When they're fragrant, add paprika,
cayenne, and chili powders--toast a few seconds.  Remove from heat. 
Then grind with mortar and pestle.  Dry the chili negro or ancho in a
hot oven (400) for a few minutes.  Cool and remove stem, seeds, veins. 
Shred it and then grind in food processor, blender, etc.  Saute onion in
oil till soft, add garlic, salt, ground herbs and chili, cook 5 min. 
Add tomato, juice, 1 tsp.  chipotle, and some red wine, cook about 20
min.  Add to the beans and add more water to cover beans by 1 inch. 
Cook till beans are soft (1 hr.) Taste chili, add vinegar to taste. 
Adjust seasoning (cumin, oregano, salt, chili powder, chipotle,
If you can wait, it's best to serve it a day later.  Very good with

From: (Mike Van Pelt)


3 cups   dried beans, 1/2 pinto, 1/2 black beans
1 can    S&W salsa
1 bulb   garlic  (6-8 cloves for the garlic-tolerance-impaired)
1/3 cup  chili powder (I used 1/2 cup, it was maybe a bit much.)
1 tblsp  cumin
1.5 lb   ground beef ("chili grind", or braising tips cut into 1/4" cubes.)
1/4 tsp  oregano
3        Chipotle peppers  (or 4 or 5...)
1        large onion.

Soak the beans overnight.  Brown the ground beef, and drain off the fat. 
If the chipotles are dried, soak them for 5 minutes in hot water, then
pulverize them with the onion and garlic in a blender.  Add onion,
oregano, chili powder, cumin, beef, garlic, and beans to crock pot, with
"enough" water.  Let simmer for about 12 hours.  About an hour before
it's done, add the can of salsa. 

The "chili powder" is bulk powdered "chili powder" chilies, New Mexico
chilies, I think.  NOT the mixture with all kinds of other spices in it
that is more common in grocery stores.  I like my chili heavier on the
chili powder, lighter on the tomatoes. 

From: (Sandy Stempien)

(Serves 4)

1       small can tomatoe paste
3       (15 oz.) cans tomatoe sauce
1       large can stewed tomatoes
1       green pepper (diced)
1       onion (diced)
3       jalepeno peppers (diced)
1       lb ground beef or sliced steak
2 tsp   chilli powder(approximate)
chayenne pepper (to taste)
1 can   kidney or red beans

Brown beef, peppers, and onion.  Drain off any grease.  Stir in the rest
of the ingredients.  Add the beans last. 
Bring to a boil, and reduce heat to VERY low.  cook with the lid off an
Hour.  Then cook 1 hour with the lid on.  Cook on VERY low! 

For a milder chilli take out the cheyenne pepper and the jalopenos. 

Its best with grated chedder cheese on top and corn bread on the side!

From: (Kate Connally)


1 qt      beef broth
2 lb      ground beef
1/4 cup   onion flakes
4 tblsp   chili powder
1 tsp     ground cinnamon
1 tsp     ground cumin
3/4 tsp   instant minced onions
1/2 tsp   salt
1/4 tsp   ground allspice
1/4 tsp   ground cloves
1/16 tsp  ground red pepper (cayenne)
1         bay leaf
15 oz     can tomato sauce
2 tblsp   cider or white vinegar
1/2 oz    unsweetened chocolate

Boil beef broth in a 4-qt.  saucepan.  Slowly add beef to broth until
meat separates into small pieces.  Cover and simmer 30 minutes.  Add
remaining ingredients and mix well.  Bring to boil.  Reduce heat,
simmer, covered, 1 hour, stirring occasionally.  Refrigerate overnight. 
Skim off fat and reheat.  Serves 6. 

I don't know about you but I think the first one sounds so much better
that the second one.  That's why I never tried the second one. 

From: (Shel Talmy)

(Serves 12)

1         (3 lb) chicken
1 1/2 qt  water
1/2 lb    beef suet
1/4 cup   finely chopped celery
7 cup     peeled, chopper tomatoes
2 tsp     sugar
5 lbs     ctr cut pork chops , thin
4 lbs     flank steak
3         medium onions, cut in 1/2 inch pieces
3         green peppers, cut in 3/8 inch pieces
1 lb      jack cheese, shredded
6         long green chiles
1 tsp     oregano
1 tblsp   ground cumin
1/2 tsp   MSG
1 tblsp   pepper
4 tsp     salt
5 tblsp   chili powder
1 tsp     cilantro
1 tsp     thyme
1 cup     beer
2 cloves  garlic, finely chopped
juice of lime

Cut chicken into pieces and combine with water in large saucepan. 
Simmer 2 hours then strain off broth. 

In 2 qt saucepan combine celery, tomatoes and sugar and simmer1 1/2

Boil chiles 15 min until tender, remove seeds and cut in 1/4 in squares. 

Mix oregano, cumin, MSG,pepper, salt, chili powder, cilantro and thyme
with beer until all lumps are dissolved.  Add tomato mixture, chiles,
beer mixture and garlic to chicken broth. 

Melt suet to make 6-8 tblspdroppings.Pour 1/3 of suet drippings into
skillet, add 1/2 pork chops and brown.  Repeat for remaining pork chops. 
Add pork to broth mixture and cook slowly 30 min. 

Trim all fat from flank steak and cut into 3/8 cubes.  Brown flank steak
in remaining drippings about 1/3 at a time.  Add to pork mixture. 
Return to simmer and cook slowly about 1 hour.  Add onions and green
peppers, simmer 2-3 hours longer, stirring with wooden spoon every 15-20
min.  Cool 1 hour then refrigerate 24 hours. 

Reheat chili before serving.  About 5 minutes before serving time, add
cheese.  Just before serving, add lime juice and stir with wooden spoon. 

From: (Shel Talmy)

Source: Food & Wine 2/82

(Serves 4)

2 cup     water
1/2 cup   dried pinto beans, soaked overnight then drained
1 tblsp   oil or bacon drippings
1         onion, sliced
1/2       green bell pepper, cored, seeded and chopped
1         garlic clove, minced
2/3 lb    boneless pork, cut into 1/2" cubes
1/3 lb    beef stew meat, cut into 1/2" cubes
16 oz     canned whole tomatoes, drained
2 tblsp   chili powder
1         diced green chile, Jalapeno or Serrano
1 tsp     dried oregano, preferably Mexican, crumbled
2 tsp     cumin
1/3 cup   dry red wine
salt and fresh ground black pepper to taste
2 tblsp   prepared tortilla flour or masa harina, mixed with water
          to form a paste (optional)

Combine water and beans in medium saucepan and bring to boil over medium
high heat.  Reduce heat and simmer until tender, about 1 hour. 

Heat oil in large skillet over med-high heat.  Add onion, green pepper,
and garlic.  Saute until tender.  Transfer to Dutch Oven and set aside. 

Add pork and beef to same skillet.  Brown well.  Stir into vegetables in
Dutch Oven.  Add beans and their liquid along with tomatoes and
seasonings.  Mix well, cover and simmer 1 hour.  Add wine and cook,
uncovered, 30 minutes. 

Season with salt and pepper.  If mixture is too liquid, stir in some of
the tortilla flour paste to thicken. 

From: (Vanisa Yuthasastrakdsol)


1 lb     medium ground beef
1        large onion, finely chopped
2        garlic cloves, crushed
1 tblsp  chili powder
1 tsp    leaf oregano
1 tsp    cumin
1/4 tsp  cayenne pepper
1        large green pepper, finely chopped
1        19oz can tomatoes, including juice
1        19oz can kidney beans, well-drained

Place ground beef, onion and garlic in large frying pan.  Cook uncovered
over medium heat, stirring often with a fork, about 10 minutes. 

As soon as meat is no longer pink, drain off fat.  Sprinkle meat with
the seasonings. 

Add remaining ingredients and increase heat to medium high.  Break up
tomatoes with a fork.  As soon as the mixture comes to a boil, reduce
the heat to medium low.  Boil gently covered, stirring occasionally for
about 10 minutes to develop the flavours. 

Makes approximately 4 servings. 

From: (Shel Talmy)

(Serves 4)

2 1/2 lb     beef brisket, cut into 1" cubes
1 lb         lean pork, ground
1            large onion, chopped finely
2 tblsp      Wesson oil
salt and pepper to taste
3 cloves     garlic, minced
2 tblsp      diced green chilies
8 oz         tomato sauce
1            beef bouillon cube
12 oz        Budweiser beer
1 1/4 cup    water
4 tblsp      chili powder (or 6 tblspif desired)
2 1/2 tblsp  ground cumin
1/8 tsp      dry mustard
1/8 tsp      brown sugar
1 pinch      of oregano

In a large kettle or Dutch oven, brown the beef, pork and onions in hot
Wesson oil.  Add salt and pepper to taste.  Add remaining ingredients. 
Stir well.  Cover and simmer 3 to 4 hours, until meat is tender and
chili is thick and bubbly.  Stir occasionally. 

From: (Scott Fisher)


6 - 8    fresh long green chiles, roasted, peeled, seeds removed 
         and cut into coarse chunks (note 1)
1        medium onion, chopped fine
3 to 5   cloves of garlic, minced
1 tsp    oregano
1 tsp    cumin
1 lb     lean pork, cut into 1" cubes
Juice of 1/2 lime
Up to 1-1/2 cups chicken stock
Salt, black pepper, and hot green chiles to taste (see note 2)
1 tblsp  olive oil

Heat Dutch oven or medium saucepan over high.  Saute onion, garlic,
oregano and cumin until onion is clear.  Add green chiles, saute and
stir.  Add pork cubes and stir to seize all sides of the pork; add lime
juice and mix. 

Now add chicken stock, stopping when most of the pork cubes are covered
with liquid.  Stir well, reduce the heat to a simmer, cover and set the
timer for 30 minutes.  Check occasionally to make sure the stuff isn't
scorching on the bottom.  When the timer goes off, check the consistency
and either add more stock if it's gotten thicker/drier than you like it,
or raise the heat and cook uncovered to thicken if it's too runny.  Add
salt and black pepper now. 

Serve with fresh corn tortillas, a pepper-garlic-onion garnish I'll
describe shortly, and lots of cold beer, horchata, or jamaica.  You can
also serve this with sour cream, which is nice. 

I've taken to chopping up fresh chiles to make my own food hotter, since
the kids max out at Anaheim chiles.  My base mild mix is to cut up an
ancho or poblano chile (the dark green glossy ones, triangular and
medium-pungent) into 1/4" dice, as well as about a quarter of an onion
and a clove of garlic.  Add a little olive oil and some dried oregano,
stir well and salt to taste.  Sprinkle this on the chile verde, roll it
up in your tortillas, use it in omelettes or even on Texas-style chili. 

1.  Long green chiles: if you can't find them fresh, you can use canned
but the taste will be slightly different; the canned variety add lots of
citric acid as a preservative.  You might want to cut down on the lime
in that event.  I used fresh Anaheim chiles from my garden last year,
and will do so again this year as the Anaheim is producing earliest
(four chiles!) but I'm anxious for my New Mexico varieties to get going. 
The original poster is in the center of the universe for this stuff,
though, and frankly you'd probably get better recipes asking your
co-workers, fellow students, or the janitorial staff there than the net;
if you do, please post it!  :-)

2.  Hot chiles: The Anaheims are pretty mild.  Some people like to add
jalapenos to this, but I preferred the serranos when we had the pepper
garden last year.  I liked six Anaheims and six serranos when it was
just for me and Kim, but the girls wouldn't touch it, which is why I
started making the garnish.  You can also garnish with chopped fresh
cilantro or epazote if you can find it; we're growing that and I love it
so far, it's like a cross between cilantro and sorrel in flavor. 

From: (Garry Howard) 

(Servings: 10)

1 tblsp   Oil
2 lb      Chicken breasts boneless - or Pork Shoulder Roast
2         Onions
2 tsp     Minced garlic
1 tsp     Oregano
1 tsp     Cumin powder
2 tsp     Ground red chili
1 tblsp   Red chili flakes
1         Tomato
1 can     Tomatillos
4 lb      Green chilis
4 cup     Wyler's chicken boullion
3 tblsp   Cornstarch

Preferably use fresh roasted, peeled, and seeded New Mexican green
chilis.  Since these are not available in most parts of the country
outside the Southwest, dried, frozen, or canned chilis may be
substituted, in that order of desirability.  Dried chilis are the next
best thing to fresh.  Frozen new mexican chilis under the brand name
"Bueno" are available in some parts of the country and are good quality. 
Canned chilis are the least desirable but can be used if you are
desperate.  If possible use a mixture of canned and fresh or dried. 
Dried green chilis, and a large assortment of other dried chilis,
spices, and Mexican food ingredients are available through mail order
from Old Southwest Trading Company, P.O.  Box 7545, Albuquerque, NM
87194.  Call 1-800-748-2861 for a catalog.  In August and September they
will ship fresh green chili. 

Cut chicken breasts into 1/2" cubes.  Slice onions lengthwise.  Chop
chilis, tomato and tomatillos.  Add oil to heavy, preferably cast iron,
skillet and brown chicken over high heat.  It is best to do it in two or
three small batches.  Remove to large saucepan.  Add onions and garlic
to leftover oil and brown until onions are soft.  Add oregano, cumin,
and red chili, and cook for two or three minutes.  Transfer from skillet
to saucepan with chicken.  Add tomato, tomatillos, chilis, and chicken
broth.  Bring to a boil and simmer for 3 - 4 hours.  Add water as
necessary to maintain the desired consistency.  Add 3 - 4 tablespoon
cornstarch mixed with water prior to serving to thicken as desired. 

Eat from a bowl accompanied with a warm flour tortilla or use it as a
sauce over chili rellenos, eggs, enchiladas, or just about anything. 
One of my favorite meals is to grill a steak until nice and juicy,
smother with green chili, sprinkle some grated cheese on top and serve
with Mexican rice. 

From: (Shel Talmy)

(Serves 16)

3         medium onions, finely chopped
2         medium green peppers, finely chopped
3         stalks celery, finely chopped
8 lbs     coarsely ground beef
1 can     (6oz) tomato paste
2 can     (1lb-13oz) cans stewed tomatoes
2 can     (1lb) tomato sauce
1 can     (7oz) chile salsa
3 cloves  garlic, finely chopped
2 jar     (3oz) chili powder
1         medium jalapeno chili, seeded and chopped
2 tblsp   salt
garlic salt
coarsely ground pepper

Thinly cover bottom of heavy 2 gal pot with oil.  Saute onions, green
peppers and celery 10 min.  Add meat and cook 10 min or until brown. 
Stir in tomato paste, stewed tomatoes and tomato sauce. 

Add chopped garlic, chili powder, salt, dash oregano, chile salsa and
jalapeno.  Cook 30 min, season to taste with garlic salt and pepper,
then simmer 2 1/2 hours.  Stir every 10-15 min. 

From: (Shel Talmy)

Source: Mike Donohue. Contributed by Dave Zurschmeide Cooks Online

(Serves 20)

3 tblsp  Oil rendered from suet (or bacon drippings)
3 lbs    Ground beef, the leanest, chili grind
2 lbs    Round steak, extra lean (or flank steak), cubed
1 lb     Pork shoulder, extra lean, chili grind or cubed
1 lb     Linguica or andouille sausage, chopped fine
3        Purple onions, large, chopped small
3        Walla Walla Sweet Onions, or other sweet onion
6        Garlic cloves, finely minced
2 cup    Green Chiles, chopped (Ortega or other good brand)
2        Green peppers, chopped small
2        Red peppers, chopped small
2        Celery ribs, minced
1/4 cup  parsley, minced
8 tblsp  Chili powder (GebhardtUs or other good brand)
2 tblsp  Cumin, ground
2 tblsp  Spanish sweet paprika
2 tblsp  Oregano, dried (preferably the Greek variety)
4        Red peppers, dried (or 2 tblsp crushed)
2 tsp    Black pepper, freshly ground
1 tsp    MSG (Accent)
2 tsp    Salt
1 tsp    Coriander (crushed or ground)
2 tblsp  Maggi Seasoning
1/4 cup  Tiger Sauce
16 oz    Beef broth
2 cup    Tomato sauce (15 oz. Each)
1 cup    Tomato paste (12 oz)
1 cup    Italian plum tomatoes, whole, diced
2 tblsp  Masa Harina (or flour)
1 lb     Black beans (optional), soaked overnight
1        Beer from a good microbrewery like Ballard Bitters
Walla Walla sweets, diced, for garnish
Monterey Jack cheese, shredded, for garnish

Wash beans carefully and soak in enough salted water overnight to cover
them by 2 inches of water.  Bring to a boil and simmer the next day
until tender (usually 2-3 hours). 

In the meantime, heat 2 tblsp of oil in a large, heavy skillet.  Add
garlic, onions, bell peppers, and celery.  Cook until the onions are
clear.  Remove and reserve. 

Mix ground meats.  Add 1 T.  Oil to skillet and saute meat, cooking on
high heat until thoroughly browned.  Drain fat.  Remove ground meat and
reserve.  Brown cubed meat, drain, and reserve.  Place reserved
vegetables and meats in chili pot along with linguica (or Andouille). 
Add all remaining vegetables, spices and liquids (except the beer, Masa
Harina, or beans), a little at a time, stirring and mixing thoroughly
between additions.  Carefully bring temperature up to a simmer. 

Cook covered on very low heat approximately 5 hours.  Adjust the
consistency after 3 hours.  If too thin, uncover and reduce by turning
up heat (carefully) slightly.  If it is still not the desired
consistency, add masa harina (or flour) to thicken, beer to thin, as
needed.  Taste and adjust for spices carefully (the flavor will develop
as the chili cooks).  It should be hot enough to be memorable, but not
so hot it takes the skin off the roof of your mouth.  ItUs better to
sneak up on hot.  You canUt take it out.  If it cries out to be hotter,
add just enough Louisiana hot sauce. 

Finally, and only if you absolutely must, add the beans.  A chili purist
would jettison them without a second thought.  If you canUt bring
yourself to do it, but want to serve the chili beanless as God intended,
serve the beans on the side and let people indulge their own leguminous

Serve topped with chopped Walla Walla sweets, shredded Monterey Jack
cheese, and a pinch of parsley.  

From: (Shel Talmy)

(Serves 1200 approximately)

100 lb  pinto beans
48      large onions, chopped
4 cup   jalapeno chilies with juice
40 lb   meat (ham, sausage, pork, bacon ends, ground beef, etc)
4 cup   chili powder
salt to taste

Soak beans overnight, then raise to a boil on high heat.
Add all ingredients and simmer until tender (about 6 hours).
Add water as necessary.  Stir occasionally.  Makes 60 gallons.

From: (Shel Talmy)

Source: Bill Pfeiffer, 1982 World Champion Chili

(Makes 1 pot)

1 tblsp    oregano
2 tblsp    paprika
2 tblsp    MSG (monosodium glutamate)
11 tblsp   Gebhardt's Chili powder
4 tblsp    cumin
4 tblsp    beef bouillon (instant, crushed)
36 oz      Old Milwaukee beer
2 lb       pork, cubed (thick butterfly pork chops)
2 lb       chuck beef, cut into cubes
6 lb       ground rump
4          large onions, finely chopped
10 cloves  garlic, finely chopped
1/2 cup    Wesson oil or kidney suet
1 tsp      mole (powdered), also called mole poblano
1 tblsp    sugar
2 tsp      coriander seed (from Chinese parsley, cilantro)
1 tsp      Louisiana Red Hot Sauce (Durkee's)
8 oz       tomato sauce
1 tblsp    Masa Harina flour
salt to taste

In a large pot, add paprika, oregano, MSG, chili powder, cumin, beef
bouillon, beer and 2 cups water.  Let simmer. 

In a separate skillet, brown meat in 1 lb.  or 1 1/2 lb.  batches with
Wesson oil or suet.  Drain and add to simmering spices.  Continue until
all meat is done. 

Saute chopped onion and garlic in 1 T.  oil or suet.  Add to spices and
meat mixture.  Add water as needed.  Simmer 2 hours.  Add mole, sugar,
coriander seed, hot sauce and tomato sauce.  Simmer 45 min. 

Dissolve masa harina flour in warm water to form a paste.  Add to chili. 
Add salt to taste.  Simmer for 30 minutes.  Add additional Louisiana Hot
Sauce for hotter taste. 

From: (Martin Drabik)


1 cup     black beans
3 tblsp   olive oil
1         turkey breast (half breast), skinned
4         medium yellow onions, chopped
4 cloves  garlic, minced
3 ribs    celery, sliced
1         small green pepper, chopped
1         28-oz can crushed tomatoes
1/2 cup   water
4 tblsp   chili powder
1/2 tsp   cayenne pepper
1 tsp     whole cumin seed

Shredded sharp cheddar cheese and sour cream OR
Chopped ripe avocado

1.  Soak the beans overnight in water to cover generously.  Drain and
rinse briefly. 

2.  Heat the oil in a large, heavy bottom pot over medium high heat. 
When hot, brown the turkey breast well on all sides.  Remove and set

3.  Add the onions, garlic, celery, and green pepper.  Saute, stirring
frequently, until the vegetables are soft, 5-7 minutes. 

4.  Add the beans, tomatoes, water, chili powder, cayenne, and the
turkey breast.  Heat until the pot starts bubbling, then reduce heat to
a slow simmer, partially cover, and simmer for 1 1/2 hour.  Stir
occasionally, watching carefully that the bottom does not start to

5.  Remove the turkey breast, remove the bone, and coarsely shred the
meat with two forks (hold the meat with one fork, tear with the grain
with the other.) Return the meat to the pot. 

6.  Heat a heavy bottom skillet over low heat.  Add the whole cumin seed
and toast 2-3 minutes, shaking the pan occasionally, until lightly brown
and aromatic.  Remove from heat.  Coarsely crush the cumin in a mortar
and pestle or with a rolling pin.  Add to the pot. 

7.  Cook an additional one hour, or until the beans are tender. 

8.  For the traditional approach, top with the cheese and sour cream;
for the modern/healthy approach, top with the avocado. 

From: (Kate Connally)

QUEEN OF CHILIS (Cincinnati-style)

3        onions
1 lb     ground chuck
2        garlic cloves, minced
1 cup    barbeque sauce  (I think I used K.C. Masterpiece)
1 cup    water
1 tblsp  chili powder
1 tsp    black pepper
1/2 oz   unsweetened chocolate, grated
1/2 tsp  ground cumin
1/2 tsp  turmeric
1/2 tsp  allspice
1/2 tsp  cinnamon
1/4 tsp  ground cloves
1/4 tsp  ground coriander
1/4 tsp  ground cardamom
1 tsp    salt
tomato juice, as needed
9 oz     spaghetti, cooked and buttered
1        16-oz. can kidney beans, heated
1 lb     Cheddar cheese, shredded
oyster crackers

Chop 2 of the onions and set aside.  Chop remaining onion fine.  Salt a
large skillet.  Turn heat to medium and add meat, finely chopped onion,
and garlic.  Break up meat with fork and cook until it is browned. 
Drain fat. 

Add barbeque sauce and water.  Bring to a boil.  Add remaining

Cover and simmer over very low heat 30 minutes, stirring and tasting
occasionally, adding tomato juice if mixture is getting too dry.  Chili
is best when allowed to age overnight in refrigerator and reheated. 

To construct the plate of 5-way chili, layer spaghetti on a plate (a
small oval plate is traditional), top it with hot chili, then with a
sparse layer of beans, then chopped onions.  Pat on plenty of cheese
while chili is still hot and serve immediately, with oyster crackers on
the side.  Serves 4. 

From: Sandy Kaplan (made meatless by Richard Darsie)


1/3 cup   oil
3         medium onions, chopped
2 stalks  celery, chopped
4 cloves  garlic, minced
1         bell pepper, chopped
1         jalapeno pepper, minced
2 lbs.    tofu chunks
2 tblsp   each ground red chilis, cumin, oregano
1         bay leaf
2 cups    water
2         28 oz. cans tomatos
6 oz.     can tomato paste
2 cans    kidney beans 
salt to taste

Saute first five ingredients in oil until limp.  Add tofu and saute
until browned.  Mix the spices together in a bowl and sprinkle into the
pot.  Mix thoroughly.  Add water, tomatoes and tomato paste.  Stir. 
Bring to a boil.  Reduce heat and simmer for 2 hours, stirring
occasionally.  If desired, at this point, add the kidney beans.  Taste
and correct seasoning.  The addition of 1 tsp to 1 tblsp of cayenne
pepper can make this gradually more spicy.  As the recipe reads, itUs
fairly tame.  NOTE: The ground chilis are NOT chili powder.  Most chili
powder is made up of a combination of chilis, oregano, cumin, salt and
garlic.  If chili powder is all you can find, then you will have to
readjust the cumin and oregano amounts. 

From: (Stephanie da Silva)

(Tho I can only count nine)

1/3 cup      cumin seeds
2 tblsp      coriander seeds
2            ancho chiles
2            mulato chiles
4            pasilla chiles
6 lb         trimmed beef chuck, cut into 1 1/2 by 1/4 inch strips
1/2 lb       thickly sliced lean bacon, cut crosswise into thin matchsticks
3/4 lb       ham, finely diced
1 1/2 tblsp  corn oil
3 lb         large yellow Spanish onions, finely diced
3/4 cup      diced celery
1 cup        ground ancho chile powder
1/2 tsp      cayenne pepper
5            bay leaves
1            pequin chile (optional)
3            jalapeno peppers, seeded and minced
3            serrano peppers, seeded and minced
1/2 can      (3 1/2 ounces) chipotle chiles in adobo sauce, coarsely chopped
1            smoked ham hock
2 cans       (24 ounces each) Italian peeled tomatoes, drained
1/2 cup      golden tequila
2 cups       beef stock
1/2 tsp      rosemary
1 tsp        crumbled sage
1 tsp        oregano

Preheat the oven to 500F.  In a medium skillet, toast the cumin and
coriander seeds over moderate heat until fragrant, 1 to 2 minutes. 
Immediately remove from heat.  Grind to a powder in a spice grinder or
food processor. 

Place the ancho, mulato and pasilla chiles on a baking sheet and toast
them in the oven until fragrant and puffed up, about 2 minutes.  Remove
the stems and seeds and grind the chiles in a spice grinder or food
processor until powdered. 

In a stockpot, combine the beef, bacon, ham and corn oil.  Cook over
moderate heat until the fat is rendered and the bacon is golden, about
20 minutes. 

Add the celery, ground chiles and ancho chile powder.  Cook, stirring
frequently, until the celery is softened and the chile powder is
fragrant, about 10 minutes. 

Add the cayenne, bay leaves, pequin chile, jalapeno and serrono peppers,
chipotle chiles, ham hock, tomatoes, tequila, stock, rosemary, sage and
oregano.  Simmer uncovered over low heat, stirring occasionally, for 4

From: (Marie-Louise "Emmelle")


I serve this sauce over enchiladas, burritos, eggs, beans, using fresh
New Mexico green chiles.  Do not use canned chiles for this recipe. 
(They just don't taste like green chiles to me.)

Amounts are approximate.  I usually just dump ingredients, esp.  chile
and garlic, until it looks "right".  This is a very forgiving recipe and
very basic.  I so much appreciate the taste of fresh, unadulterated
green chile and garlic, that I rarely add any other seasonings. 

1       onion chopped
3-4     garlic cloves, smashed or chopped (I use more!!)
1 Tbsp  olive oil
6 cups  vegetable stock or vegetable bouillon
~12     roasted, peeled, chopped green chile (adjust according to
        heat of the chile)
2 Tbsp  flour or cornstarch
salt & pepper to taste

Saute onion, garlic in olive oil.  Add chile, stock.  Add salt and
pepper.  Dissolve flour or cornstarch in a cup of hot water and add,
stirring to prevent lumps.  Simmer for 45 minutes.

Optional ingredients:
1-2   potatos diced (1/2" or so)
1-2   chopped tomatos
1-2   whatever else
      cilantro, cumin, oregano

Add with the chile and stock.  Potatos help thicken the chile,
especially after it has been frozen since they tend to disintegrate in
the freezer.  Add the cilantro after it has simmered to retain the fresh
cilantro flavor. 

From: (Brian Rush)

Source:  7/20/93 issue of women's day magazine. 


1 lb     carrots
1 lb     zucchini
1 lb     onions
1/4 cup  vegetable oil
3 lb     ground turkey (or beef) 
1 tblsp  minced garlic
4        28-oz cans crushed tomatoes
1        15-oz can of tomato sauce
2 tsp    salt

Chop carrots, zucchini and onions in the food processor.

Heat 1/4 cup vegetable oil in a 6 quart pot.  Add vegetables.  Cook over
medium-high heat 15-20 minutes, stirring 3 or 4 times until almost

Put 3 lbs.  ground turkey (or beef) and 1 tbsp.  minced garlic in a 8
quart pot.  Cook, breaking up meat, until it is no longer pink.  Stir in
the vegetables, four 28-oz.  cans crushed tomatoes in puree (drain some
of the juice or it might be too watery), a 15 oz.  can of tomato sauce
and 2 tsp.  salt.  Bring to a boil; reduce heat to medium-low.  Simmer
15 to 20 minutes for flavors to develop. 

You will have about 22 cups of meat sauce.  You can use the sauce as is
for spaghetti sauce or freeze some for future chili. 

(or you can decrease proportions and make less to begin with).

With 7 cups of the meat sauce, add 38-oz.  of kidney beans and 2 or more
tablespoons chili powder.  Top with shredded cheese and onions. 

Refrigerate up to 5 days.  Freeze up to 4 months.



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