Dal Kofta Curry (Steamed Toor Balls in Buttermilk)

From: jkandell@Violet.CCIT.Arizona.EDU (Jonathan Kandell)

Date: 3 Aug 93 21:46:14 GMT

Recipe by Aroona Reejhsinghaini, modified by me
For kofka balls:
1     cup         Toor dal*               *toor dal is also known as toovar dal
1/2"  piece       ginger
4                 green chilies
2     cloves      garlic
1                 small onion
1     handful     cillantro leaves (optional)
For Curry:
4     cup         buttermilk or yoghurt
4                 green chilies, finely chopped
1 "   piece       ginger, grated or finely chopped
1     teasp. each ground coriander, cumin, channa dal [roasted if desired]
1/4   teaspoon    fenugreek
1/2   teaspoon    turmeric
1/4   cup, approx.desiccated unsweetened coconut, ground if desired
For flavored oil:
2     tablespoon  oil
1/2   teaspoon    black mustard seeds
a few             curry leaves
1.    Wash and soak toor dal for a few hours.  Drain and grind to a course
      paste along with onion, ginger, garlic, and chilies. (I do this by
      chopping the large ingredients and blending with the dal in batches. 
      Add enough water so the blender pastes, but not so much that it turns to
      watery mush.)  Mix in salt and (optionally) cillantro leaves.  Form into
      balls and steam 20 minutes.  Remove from heat and cool balls.  They will
      obtain a somewhat rubbery texture as they cool.
2.    Gently heat buttermilk/yogurt in a pan.  Add spices (ground coriander,
      cumin, channa dal, fenugreek, turmeric) and enough dried coconut to give
      a nice flavor and slightly thicken the sauce.  (I add all these
      ingredients to a coffee grinder and grind to a powder.)  Add ginger and
      chilies.  Add salt to taste.  Adjust spices.  It will taste like it's
      missing something until you add the flavored oil.
3.    Carefully place kofta balls into sauce.
4.    Heat a little oil in a separate frying pan over medium heat, add mustard
      seeds and curry leaves.  When mustard seeds stop bursting, add oil into
      the curry.  You may want to partially cover pan to prevent seeds from
      popping grease all over your kitchen.
If you use non-fat yogurt, there is only 2 T oil in the whole dish!


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