Ginger Beer

From: Beverly Chapman
Date: Mon, 25 Oct 1993 12:58:11 -0230 (NDT)
Adapted from William Woys Weaver's "Saurerkraut Yankees", published
in Philadelphia by the University of Pennsylvania Press in 1983, 

Handed out at the "Joseph Schneider Haus", Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

"Mix 1 1/2 pounds of white sugar with 3 ounces of grated ginger.
Grate the rinds of two lemons and add.  Place these ingredients
in a large crock and pour 2 gallons of boiling water over them.
When this cools to lukewarm, strain and add the juice of the
lemons and 2 heaping tablespoons of strong yeast.  Make the beer
in the evening, let it stand over night, then pour into jars 
or tightly corked bottles in the morning."


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