Dirt Dessert

From: Laura.Aden@ebay.sun.com (Laura Aden)

Date: 3 Aug 1993 14:03:51 GMT

1 Planter
Plastic Flowers
1 Spade
Cellophane or wax paper
candy rocks (optional)
gummi worms (optional)
2 - 1lb packages oreo cookies
1/2 stick margerine
8 oz cream cheese
1 cup powder sugar
3 1/2 cups milk
2 small packages french vanilla instant pudding mix
12 oz cool whip

Mix with blender: margerine, cream cheese and powder sugar.
Mix in separate bowl: milk, pudding mix and cool whip.
Combine the above.
Crush oreo cookies with cream left in the middle (blender or 
chopper/mixer works well).
Line bottom of planter with cellophane/wax paper.
Put layer of oreos then creamed mixture - continue until mixture
is used up and last layer is oreos.

Garnish with gummi worms and candy rocks and serve with the


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