Baked Custard

From: annelies@UTKVX.UTCC.UTK.EDU (Knight, Annelies Marie)
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 1993 06:25:00 GMT

2 cups milk		
3/8 cup sugar, you can use about 1/3 cup Honey too
1/8 teaspoon salt	
3 egg yolks, one whole egg, and one egg white
3/4 tesp _good_ vanilla extract, also you can use some nutmeg or such

Mix and blend the milk sugar/honey and salt.  Add and beat well the
eggs.  You should add the egg white, beaten to firm peaks, last.
Finally add the flavorings, vanilla extract and/or nutmeg.  Don't use
much nutmeg it is quite stong in the custard. Also don't beat it too
much or you will kill the egg white.

When it is all incorporated, pour it into a baking pan (for individual
servings use individual custard cups) Place the pan in a pan of warm
water and bake at 300-325 degs for about an hour.

Testing custard is abit tricky.  after about an hour slip a knife
between the edge of the custard and the pan.  It should be clean.  The
center should still be soft.  It will continue to cook for a bit after
you take it out.  If you suspect that the center is done too much put
the pan in a pan of cold/ice water to stop the cooking process.  You
can use the knife test to see if it is too doine in the middle.

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