Tuna Casserole

From: cmcphers@ub.d.umn.edu (Granma)

Date: 6 Aug 1993 10:04:15 -0500

	Most excellent Tuna Casserole recipe:

	2 cans Tuna (drained)
	1 Crm of Mushroom Soup
	  Crm of Chicken Soup (your preference)
	1 soup-can milk
		(You may need to add more later if casserole gets dry)
	1 medium chopped onion
	1 bunch broccoli, chopped
		(this is a nice substitute for celery; in fact, I
		substitute brocolli for celery in many recipes!)
	1 plop Miracle Whip
		(one "plop" is usually a good sized serving spoon-full)
	1 - 1/2 cups chopped Amercan Cheese
	1 large pkg wide egg noodles
	Salt and Pepper to taste

	Combine tuna, soup, milk, onion, broccoli, spices,
		miracle whip and cheese.
	Prepare noodles in boiling water, salt and butter
		- cook to about half done.
	Rinse noodles well.
	Add noodles to above mixture.

	  Cover mixture with broken corn flakes
	  350 degrees, about 45 minutes

	  Cover casserole dish with wax paper
	  Cook on HIGH 20 minutes
	  Stir (and turn, if you don't have a carousel)
	  Cook on HIGH 20 minutes
	  Stir (and turn)
	  Cook on HIGH 15 or until done.

	Stir before serving



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