From: (Scott Brown)
Date: 28 Oct 1993 16:04:18 GMT
   I like potato&onion perogies, which I make as follows:

   Saute a medium onion and a few crushed
   garlic cloves in some butter and olive oil. Once 
   these vegetables are tender, add the reccomended
   amount of water for the desired amount of instant
   mashed potatoes to the pan and prepare potatoes as

   Using your favourite pasta dough recipe, roll out
   thin sheets and cut into 3" squares (approx.).

   Place a teaspoon or two (approx.) of the potato-
   onion mixture in the middle of each square of pasta.
   Brush a little milk or milk-egg mixture on two sides
   of each square and fold over diagonally. Pinch to 
   seal, then using a pizza cutter or pasta wheel
   trim excess dough to form a circular edge. Flute
   edges with fingertips, if desired.

   These can be frozen and kept for a while, or stored 
   in the fridge; if they aren't going straight into
   the cooking pot, dust them with flour before storing
   to prevent sticking.



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