Mail Order Food Sources

Mexican/Latin American Food Sources

From: (Anwar Mohammed)

Oh well, I didn't get any replies, so it looks like I'm going mail order. Several of you asked me to post a summary of replies, so here are the mail order companies I use:

1. Frieda's
-- for fresh and dried peppers, very popular 800-241-1771
  • 2. Don Alfonso Foods
    -- All sorts of mexican ingredients (prepared moles, too) & tons of dried chiles...definitely get the catalog. 800-456-6100
    3. Mo' Hotta, Mo' Betta
    -- Mexican and Carribean Salsas and Sauces, they specialize in habanero/scotch bonnet based stuff. Also, a wide variety of various dried and smoked peppers. A really cool illustrated catalog. 800-462-3220
    4. CNS Spices
    -- for california grown habanero/scotch bonnet 909-594-9505
    5. Melissa's
    -- All sorts of fresh and dried peppers, corn husks, tomatillos, and other necessities for mexican/sw cooking. 800-468-7111
  • The prices are typically better than Reyna, and you don't have to worry about finding something disgusting in your groceries (in addition to what I mentioned in my earlier post, most of their "fresh" serrano and poblano peppers are half-rotted when you buy them).

    Mark Miller's and Diane Kennedy's cookbooks have listings of other mail order sources. Chile Pepper magazine is a great source for mail order outlets.

    -anwar "down to my last gram of serious capsicum and I need a fix"

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