CS Distributed Seminar Videotapes

Now that the long, languishing days of summer are approaching...

... you might want to catch up on the videotapes that were produced in conjunction with the "Computer Science Distributed Seminar Series" (a.k.a. the West Coast Computer Science Colloquium) that were presented via Picturetel this past term. You are welcome to borrow the videotapes. Stop by or send mail. Thx, Catherine

BENTLEY, Jon		AT&T Bell Laboratories
			Engineering a Sort Function
			January 27, 1993

CRISTIAN, Flaviu	University of California, San Diego
			High Availability in Real-Time Systems
			April 21, 1993

DOZIER, Jeff		University of California, Santa Barbara
			Sequoia 2000: Next-Generation Information
			System for the Study of Global Change
			April 14, 1993

GRAY, Jim		Digital Equipment Corporation, San Francisco
			Research Laboratory
			Parallel Database Systems: A Client for
			Parallel Processors and Discs
			March 17, 1993

HENNESSY, John		Stanford University
			The Stanford DASH Multiprocessor: 
                         Rationale, Design and Performance
			February 3, 1993

KARP, Richard		University of California, Berkeley
			LogP: Towards a Realistic Model of 
                        Parallel Computation
			January 20, 1993

KLEINROCK, Leonard	University of California at Berkeley
			Network Technologies for the 1990's
			March 10, 1993

MEYER, Bertrand		ISE, Santa Barbara
			Systematic Concurrent Object-Oriented Programming
			February 24, 1993

OUSTERHOUT, John	University of California at Berkeley
			Tcl and TK: A Programming System for
                        X11 User Interfaces
			March 3, 1993

PAPADIMITRIOU, Christos University of California, San Diego
			Shortest Paths Without a Map: On-line Algorithms
			and the Value of Information
			February 17, 1993

PATTERSON, David A.	University of California at Berkeley
                        or Why work on processors when I/O is where the action is?
			February 10, 1993

PEARL, Judea		University of California, Los Angeles
			From Numerical Probabilities to Qualitative
			Plausible Reasoning
			May 5, 1993

REDDY, Raj		Carnegie Mellon University (SCS)
			User Interface in GigaPC Environments
			April 28, 1993

SATYANARAYANAN, Mahadev	Carnegie Mellon University (SCS)
			Distributed File Access in Mobile Computing Environments
			April 7, 1993

SMITH, Burton		Tera Computer Company
			Latency Tolerance in the Tera Computer System
			March 24, 1993