Michael Witbrock's Fabulous Sepia Home Page

witbrock@cs.cmu.edu .

General Stuff

  • Genetic "art" collaborations: I, and II and Movies.
  • Stuff about New Zealand.
  • Pictures of CMU, and the Coke Machine Interface.
  • Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual stuff and cmuOUT.
  • Information and opinions about Language and Food.
  • Professional
  • My last oficial connection with CMU was as a Systems Scientist on the CMU CS Faculty. I'm attached to the Informedia Project.
    We're building agents that can watch TV and listen to the radio for you.
  • Papers with me as an author.
  • Here's my Curriculum Vitae.
  • Computer Stuff
  • Information about Amiga Computers, Amiga Mosaic, and Ibrowse.
  • akiko
logo,gif Other Stuff & talk to our cat (as seen in Time and on PBS).
    If you need to contact me, email to witbrock@cs.cmu.edu
    Go to the SCS Home Page, NN Speech Project Page, Informedia Project Page. [42]