Vibhu O. Mittal
Vibhu O. Mittal Senior Scientist
Google, Inc.
2400 Bayshore Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043
Phone: (650) 930-3572
e-mail: vibhu_AT_mittal_DOT_net
Adjunct Faculty
Language Technologies Institute
School of Computer Science
Carnegie-Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
e-mail: mittal_AT_cs_DOT_cmu_DOT_edu

Selected Journal Publications
Shumeet Baluja, Vibhu Mittal and Rahul Sukthankar. Applying Machine Learning for High Performance Named-Entity Extraction. Computational Intelligence (to appear) View Abstract Download PS file (39K)
Vibhu O. Mittal, Johanna D. Moore, Steven F. Roth, and Giuseppe Carenini. Describing Complex Charts in Natural Language: A Caption Generation System. Computational Linguistics, 24(3):431-468, 1998. View Abstract Download PS file (380K)
Johanna D. Moore and Vibhu O. Mittal. Dynamically Generated Follow up Questions. IEEE Computer, 29(7):75-86, July 1996. (Special Issue on Interactive Natural Language Processing). View Abstract Download PS file (67K)

Selected Conference Publications
Vibhu O. Mittal, Mark Kantrowitz, Jade Goldstein, and Jaime Carbonell. Selecting Text Spans for Document Summaries: Heuristics and Metrics. In Proceedings of AAAI-99, pages 467-473, Orlando, FL, July 1999. AAAI. View Abstract Download PS file (230K)
Michael Witbrock and Vibhu O. Mittal. Headline Generation: A Framework for Generating Highly-Condensed Non-Extractive Summaries. In Proceedings of SIGIR-99, pages 315-316, Berkeley, CA, 1999. (Best late-breaking paper/poster award.). View Abstract Download PS file (45K)
Vibhu O. Mittal. Visual Prompts and Graphical Design: A Framework for Exploring the Design Space of 2-D Charts and Graphs. In Proceedings of AAAI-97, pages 57-63, Providence, RI, June 1997. View Abstract Download PS file (46K)
Vibhu O. Mittal and Johanna D. Moore. Detecting Knowledge Base Inconsistencies Using Automated Generation of Text and Examples. In Proceedings of AAAI-96, pages 483-488, Portland, OR, August 1996. View Abstract Download PS file (43K)

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