Course Research Guide

15-504 / 15-829:
Research Methods for Experimental Computer Science

Working from home? Use Off-Campus/Wireless Access options for databases and resources marked Carnegie Mellon users only.

As you use each source, look for citations in bibliographies and footnotes that will lead you to other sources.


Look up your topic in one or more of the resources found here:

Library Catalogs

To find books on your topic, use the catalogs listed below.

Search your topic such as <keystroke> or <keystroking>.

Databases (for articles)

Use databases to look for articles, conference proceedings, book chapters, technical reports, etc.

Remember that Web of Science is the database to use to perform Cited Reference searches.

Finding Full-Text Resources

Remember that if you're searching in a database, look for the Get It icon for items that interest you.

When trying to confirm if we subscribe to certain journal or conference titles, check both of these locations:

Citing Resources in the Sciences

There are many citations styles to choose from on this site:

APA style is quite popular. Here are a few good sites for APA:

RFP Resources

Research Guides