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2014 Schedule

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Date Presenter Description
1/8/2014 Bob Collins
Dicle et al, "The Way They Move: Tracking
Multiple Targets with Similar Appearance," ICCV 2013

Segal and Reid, "Latent Data Association:
Bayesian Model Selection for Multi-target
Tracking," ICCV 2013

Arora and Globerson, "Higher Order Matching for
Consistent Multiple Target Tracking" ICCV 2013

1/15/2014 Minh Vo Kukelova Z., et al "Real-time solution to the absolute
pose problem with unknown radial distortion and focal length", ICCV 2013

Weinzaepfel, Philippe, et al. "DeepFlow: Large displacement
optical flow with deep matching." ICCV . 2013.

Yudeog. H et al, "High Quality Shape from a Single RGB-D
Image under Uncalibrated Natural Illumination." ICCV 2013

1/22/2014 Yuan Junsong Visual Pattern Discovery
1/29/2014 Jiaji Zhou
Minsu Cho, Karteek Alahari, and Jean Ponce, "Learning Graphs to Match,"
ICCV 2013.

Piotr Dollar and Charles L. Zitnick, "Structured forests for fast edge detection,"
ICCV 2013

2/5/2014 Allie, Francis, Ishan Fisher Vector Tutorial
2/12/2014 Yuandong
Yuandong Tian, Srinivasa G. Narasimhan, "Hierarchical Data-Driven Descent for Efficient Optimal Deformation Estimation,"
ICCV 2013.

2/19/2014 Yuxiong Selective Search Tutorial
2/26/2014 Aayush Visual Domain Adaptation Tutorial
3/5/2014 ECCV ECCV
3/12/2014 Shaurya
Klein Georg, and David Murray. "Parallel tracking and mapping
for small AR workspaces." ISMAR 2007.

Newcombe, Richard A., Steven J. Lovegrove, and Andrew J. Davison.
"DTAM: Dense tracking and mapping in real-time." ICCV 2011

3/19/2014 Aaron
Tanskanen, Petri, et al.
"Live Metric 3D Reconstruction on Mobile Phones."
ICCV 2013

3/26/2014 Takayuki TBA
4/2/2014 Gaurav TBA
4/9/2014 Zhizhong TBA

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The presenters' order is generated from the presenters' list in a FIFO manner.

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3. What should I do if I can not present at the scheduled time?
First, let the organizer know your situation, as early as possible. Second, contact other presenters on the list and see if they are willing to swap with you.

4. What happens if a new event takes place and we have to change the schedule?
To minimize disturbance, the conflited slot will be moved to the rear of the list after confirmed with the originally scheduled presenter, while all the other schedules remain unchanged.

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