min xu (许旻)

Contact Information

Min Xu
6105 Gates-Hillman Center
Machine Learning Dept, Carnegie Mellon University
5000 Forbes Ave. Pittsburgh, PA, 15213

Email: minx [AT] cs.cmu.(school ending)

More About Me

CV (coming soon)

I am currently hopping back and forth between University of Chicago and CMU. I also often spend time in San Francisco Bay Area. I was born in Anhui province of China in 1987, moved to Shanghai in 1995, and then to San Francisco Bay Area in 1997. I attended UC Berkeley (go bears!) from 2005-2009 and then went directly to Carnegie Mellon University. I am as much of a scientist as I am an engineer--I like discovering stuff as much I like building stuff. I enjoy explorations (both physically and mentally) for the sake of exploration.

Dictum sociis

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