MINERVA: Carnegie Mellon's Robotic Tourguide Project Minerva's Image

Timetable of Events

Minerva was on-line 10am and 5:30pm from August 24 to September 5, 1998. The robot interleaved tours for virtual users and physical visitors of the museum.

On August 27, the Lemelson Center hosted a series of events:

  • 9:30-10:30am. Press conference.
  • 10:30am-12pm. "Meet the Inventors"
  • 6:30pm-10pm. Special Internet night.

On Friday, August 4, Minerva was under exclusive control of the Web:

  • 9am-10am. Early bird's Internet hour (3pm-4pm in Germany)
  • 6pm-9pm. Our special high-speed Internet night (robot moved up to 1.6 meters per second).

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